Mary and Baby Jesus Christmas Ornament Craft

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This sweet little Mary and Baby Jesus ornament is a fun and easy Nativity craft for the Christmas season!

This Nativity ornament is a great nativity craft for preschool and other younger children!

How to make a paper nativity ornament


  • Blue and white construction paper
  • Template printed on white paper (heavy weight paper like cardstock works best)
  • Scissors
  • Two small pieces of blue and white yarn
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Google eyes (optional)


Place the white construction paper on the table vertically. Cutting it in half lengthwise.

Starting at the bottom, accordion fold the entire length of the paper. 

Place the blue paper on the table horizontally (the rectangle should be wider than it is tall) Starting at the bottom, accordion fold the entire length of the blue paper. 

Turn both papers as shown below.

Keeping the accordion folded, fold the blue paper in half. Glue the joining middle section together near the bottom.

Allow the glue time to dry (you might need to hold the paper in place with clothespins until the glue is set).

The hole at the top will be the ‘head’.

Repeat this step with the white accordion too. 

Next take the hole punch and make a hole in the top of the blue fold.

Take a piece of blue yarn, feed through the hole and tie. This creates a hanger for the ornament. 

Now, squeeze the accordion closed again and tie another string around the paper, making a ‘neck’. Cut off the loose ends of the string.

Also tie a string around the white paper. 

Print the template on heavy white paper.

Cut it out and draw a face on each circle. 

Next, fold the tab over and place glue on the top.

Then stick inside the opening at the top of the accordion. (If it doesn’t quite fit, move the yarn at the neck lower and gently make the hole bigger. )

Your Mary and Jesus Accordion ornament is complete!

So sweet! Kids will love hanging this Nativity ornament on the tree!

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    1. We just used glue and gave it plenty of time to dry before hanging it on the tree. If you can’t get it to stick well with regular school glue, try a glue dot or two.

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