Rudolph Frosting Board for Christmas

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Looking for a festive addition to your dessert table this Christmas? This Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Dessert Charcuterie Board is sure to be the hit of the night!

christmas frosting board rudolph

This Christmas frosting board is a delicious addition to any holiday celebration for adults and kids alike!

Learn how to make your own Christmas dessert board with your favorite Christmas treats. This fun Christmas buttercream charcuterie board is inspired by the super trendy butter board, putting a fun, new spin on the traditional charcuterie board. You simply can’t go wrong with this festive holiday dessert idea!

Serve a festive Rudolph frosting board at your Christmas movie night or holiday party!

christmas dessert board rudolph

Super Easy Christmas Dessert Board

Serving a Frosting Board at your Christmas party is sure to get your guests talking!

It might look complicated, but you won’t believe how easy it is to make!

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What is a Christmas Frosting Board?

First Charcuterie boards piled high with meat, cheese, and grapes were all the rage. The next fun board trend was the ‘Butter Board’- spreading a board with an herbed butter, and surrounding it with bread and other dippers.

This frosting board switches up the butter for buttercream frosting -or a tub of frosting from the supermarket- making the ultimate Christmas dessert board!

A dessert frosting board is sure to be a hit at any gathering- using the frosting to make this festive reindeer makes it even better! Guests will love dipping Christmas cookies, candies, donuts, fruits, and other sweet treats into the frosting on the board.

When it comes to arranging festive food on a board or tray, the possibilities really are endless! (We love this Gnome Fruit Dip Board too!)

rudolph dessert board

Supplies and Ingredients for a Rudolph Frosting Board

Choose a serving plate or board for your dessert charcuterie. I used this disposable 13 x 10 Palm Leaf platter. You could also use a glass or ceramic platter, a slate, or a wooden cutting board.

Next, you’ll need 4 piping bags and tips. If you don’t have piping bags, zip top bags will also work.

Place a #1a icing tip on one of the piping bags. You’ll need the large coupler for this tip, as its bigger than a typical decorating tip.

For the eyes and nose, you’ll need a larger round tip. I used a #12.

For the mouth and pupils, you’ll want a small round tip such as a #3.

Next, gather your ingredients.

You’ll want a chocolate buttercream or frosting for Rudolph. I simply used a tub of milk chocolate frosting from the grocery store.

You’ll also need about a cup of vanilla (white) icing.

Rudolph’s antlers are made of wafer rolls. I found these at Aldi’s. You could also use Twix or Kit Kats for the antlers.

how to make a rudolph christmas board

Finally, gather your dippers. The sky is the limit. Choose your favorite treats- or what you already have on hand.

We used Christmas candies, white chocolate covered pretzels, mini brownies, powdered donuts, and vanilla wafers.

How to make the Rudolph Frosting Board

Fill a piping bag with chocolate frosting. Use the biggest (#12) tip.

Pipe a spiral on your board, just below the halfway point of the board.

Next, pipe a circular shape above the spiral circle. Use a spreader or the back of a spoon to smooth the frosting on the top circle.

Fill one piping bag with vanilla icing. Fill another with red tinted icing.

You can use ready made cookie decorating icing if you prefer for the white and red details.

Pipe a red oval at the top of the first circle.

Pipe two white eyes just above the red nose.

Next, make the chocolate icing darker with a few tablespoons of cocoa powder. Place the darker chocolate icing in a piping bag with a small round tip.

You can also use ready made cookie decorating icing, or even black gel decorator icing for this step.

Pipe pupils and a mouth onto Rudolph’s face.

Next, add the antlers. I used creme wafers. Breaking a wafer in half for each of the side antlers. Another easy choice is small chocolate candy bars, or Keebler fudge stick cookies.

Finally, fill the rest of your tray with your favorite dippers! You can choose candies, cookies, donuts, or fruit!

rudolph buttercream board

Isn’t your Rudolph Frosting Board adorable? I can’t think of a cuter Christmas dessert board to serve at your next holiday gathering!

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Why not add some reindeer Christmas crafts to your festivities too?

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