DIY Minion Planter

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These adorable DIY Minion Planters are a great craft for kids this season. Kids can reuse an old soda bottle to create this easy DIY planter. Get a packet of herb or flower seeds and let your kids enjoy watching their plant grow. Or, you can get a started succulent or fun flower from your local hardware store and plant it in the Minion pot.

DIY planter- minion craft

My kids have been obsessed with the Minions since the very first movie years ago, now with a new Minion movie coming out soon it’s the perfect time to make more Minion crafts! This Minion flower pot is a great craft to start with!

how to make a minion planter

Have fun making this earth friendly Minion craft with your kids today!

How to make an easy Minion Planter

Supplies for the Minion Planter:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Colored craft paper
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush

Minion Planter Instructions

Determine the height you’d like for your minion planter and cut the plastic bottle to that height.

Paint the outside of the cut bottle with white acrylic paint. Allow the white paint coat to dry fully. 

Paint the top portion of the bottle with acrylic paint. (See below for placement)

Paint the bottom portion of the cut plastic bottle with blue acrylic paint.

Allow the paint to dry completely. 

To make the Minion’s eyes and goggles, cut out a strip and a circle from grey craft paper.

Cut out another circle, slightly smaller than the last one from white paper and use a black marker to draw the eye on it. 

***note- You can use paint to create the goggles and eyes of the minions but we find it easier to use paper instead.

Glue and wrap the grey strip around the middle of the yellow on the bottle. 

Glue the grey circle on the middle of the strip and then glue the paper eye in the middle of the grey circle.

Use a black marker to draw the mouth and hair onto the minion.

Add more details if you want to. Once the planter is finished and dry, your Minion pot is ready for a plant!

DIY Minion Planter- learn how to make a Minion pot.

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