Delicious & Easy Peach Strawberry ShortCut

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I’m so excited to share this quick and easy Peach Strawberry ‘ShortCut’ recipe with you today. My kids love a fun snack, and I love serving snacks that are easy to create. Especially when I have so many kids that love to help me in the kitchen.

This easy variation of peach strawberry shortcake is an easy dessert your kids will love helping you create.

When it comes to shortcakes, who says you should just stick to strawberries? So many seasonal fruits make a great shortcake pairing.

This month my local Walmart has had the piles of the best looking and smelling peaches (at a great price too!), so I’ve been using peaches in everything I can.

This week my 9 year old and I created a peach strawberry shortcake together. It’s actually a ‘ShortCut’ rather than short cake, thanks to these delicious Entenmann’s® Minis Crumb Cakes. No need to take the time to bake the shortcake when you have these delicious Entenmann’s® Minis available.

During the summer school break my kids and I spend many hours in the kitchen creating snacks, meals, and desserts. But, with the back to school season looming, I know my time in the kitchen will be limited again as homeschooling requires those leisurely summer hours.

I’m loving all the varieties of Entenmann’s® Minis for fun, yet easy, snack solutions for my kids- and I know they are going to be so helpful in continuing to create fun snacks with my kids even as our life gets busy when school begins again.

The Entenmann’s® Minis varieties are all individually wrapped in perfect snack size portions, making it easy to snack in moderation and on-the-go. You’ll find many of the iconic Entenmann’s® products available nationwide in these portable and perfectly portioned mini sizes with the quality and delicious taste you expect from Entenmann’s®.

We all enjoyed the Entenmann’s® Minis Apple Snack Pies yesterday afternoon after swimming.

Peach Strawberry ShortCut


  • Entenmann’s® Minis
  • Peaches
  • Strawberries
  • Sugar
  • Whipped cream or whipped topping


Prepare the fruit. This is so easy! Just wash the fruit and cut it into bite size pieces. You can peel the peaches, or not, depending on your family’s preference.

Then you’ll place the fruit in a bowl, sprinkle some sugar on top and allow it to sit in the refrigerator for several hours or over night. Allowing the fruit to sit after adding the sugar will create a delicious syrup to pour on top of your Entenmann’s® Minis Crumb Cake.

If your kids are anything like mine, they probably love fruit served with every snack and meal. Simply make a bowl of sugared fruit anytime during the day that you happen to be prepping fruit for your kids meals. I often prepare fruit for shortcakes while getting breakfast on the table in the morning. The fruit will keep sugared in the refrigerator for several days. In fact, the longer it sits, the more delicious syrup it will create!

Prepare the cake. Slice the Entenmann’s® Minis Crumb Cake in half, like a biscuit. (We also love this ShortCut made with Entenmann’s® Minis Pound Cake)

Add the toppings. When you are ready to serve the peach strawberry shortcuts place the prepared Entenmann’s® Minis into a bowl. Add a large spoon of sugared fruit on top. Don’t forget to spoon plenty of the delicious syrup onto the cake too.

Then add your favorite whipped cream or whipped topping.

That’s it! Enjoy this yummy peach strawberry shortcake!

Have you tried ordering your groceries, rather than shopping in store? I am leaning more and more on Walmart’s grocery pickup these days, and I know it will be especially helpful during the busy back to school season.

Be sure to add these delicious Entenmann’s® Minis and the ingredients for the peach strawberry shortcut to your next Walmart grocery order! You can easily add Entenmann’s® Minis to your Walmart Online Grocery shopping cart by clicking the photo below.

When purchasing Entenmann’s® Minis from Walmart you can also take advantage of the Nourishing Reading program and get a children’s book for your kids. Purchase 4 eligible products at a participating Walmart location or between 7/25/20-9/7/20 to receive a book. Visit for details and terms and conditions.

Be sure to go check out all these great recipes your whole family will love using all the varieties of moist and delicious Entenmann’s® Minis.

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