Prep Thanksgiving with Freezer Tips

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Thanksgiving dinner is a huge undertaking. With many dishes to cook, it’s easy to get stuck in the kitchen for the entire holiday! To keep the stress out of Thanksgiving I’m sharing my favorite Thanksgiving prep freezer tip. I’m so blessed to be part of a very big extended family. We start eating on Thursday and don’t stop until Sunday, while making the rounds of family Thanksgiving events. I don’t host Thanksgiving dinner (whew!) but I do a lot of cooking, bringing our share to multiple pot-luck style gatherings.Fall 2015 Thanksgiving is one of the rare times I insist my crew walk out the door dressed nicely (and coordinating, if I can pull it off), hair brushed, and REAL shoes on their feet. Lets just say that getting out the door can be stressful! Rather than adding hours of cooking to the holiday weekend, I often plan ahead to make yummy, but easy dishes. One really great way to keep those dishes stress-free is freezing ahead of time. I’m already choosing the dishes for all of our gatherings and penciling in days to prep and freeze each one.Thanksgiving Prep Tips This week my 10-year-old and I got started with the most important part of Thanksgiving dinner- dessert! We made big batches of our favorite cookie dough recipes- Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Chip. YumThanksgiving Prep TipsTo freeze my cookie dough, I fill baking dishes with dough balls, and freeze the cookie sheets overnight. The next morning place the pre-made, uncooked dough balls into Hefty Slider Freezer Bags labeled with the type of cookie, the baking temperature, and the cooking time.Thanksgiving Prep Tips Thanksgiving Prep TipsWhen I need fresh-baked cookies for Thanksgiving dinner, I’ll just cook the frozen cookie dough balls for a delicious dessert! I love baking cookies from frozen dough, when the cookies bake from frozen, they keep a prettier round shape. Try it! Just add 1 to 2 minutes to your favorite recipes cooking time to bake the frozen cookie dough balls. How do you make Thanksgiving cooking less stressful? I hope you’ll use this Thanksgiving prep freezer tip to keep the stress out of your holiday!

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  1. Wow – 6 kids? Ok, I have NO excuse to not be organized for the holidays! I love your idea of freezing ahead of time, and using the Hefty freezer bags? Genius 🙂

  2. As a busy mom of 5, I can truly appreciate a time-saving tip like this! Freezer bags are staple items in my house.

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