#ShareABear – Making the World a Softer Place, One Bear at a Time

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Did you have to sleep with a certain special teddy bear as a child? Mine was a soft baby doll, aptly named ‘Soft Baby’ that had to be in my bed every night. I loved that baby until her face literally fell off, yet even into my preteen years, I needed her nearby to fall asleep. I didn’t care that her face was safety-pinned on, or that her butt had a row of teeth marks from my teething stage. I remember tucking her safely into the very bottom of my pillow case for 5th grade summer camp hoping no one would notice her! She was all I needed to feel safe falling asleep anywhere.#ShareABear

In honor of National Teddy Bear day (September 9th), Snuggle is championing a movement to show the world that even a small thing, like giving the gift of a teddy bear can brighten someone’s day. Everytime a photo, story, or video is posted social media with the hashtag #ShareABear, Snuggle will donate a teddy bear to a child in need! Fun, right??

As soon as I heard about #ShareABear, I knew that 4-year-old Emily would adore the surprise of a Snuggle Bear. We’ve had a summer full of travel, and she struggled with sleeping in unfamiliar places. She’s never singled out a special toy to sleep with each night, and I believe the security of a constant sleeping companion could help with those sleeping issues. Cuddly Snuggle Bear is a perfect nighttime companion to make everywhere she sleeps feel a bit more familiar!

Wasn’t that fun? As I suspected, ‘Vanilla’ Snuggle Bear gets securely tucked in beside her every night!

I hope you’ll join us in the #ShareABear movement by sharing your own #ShareABear photos, stories, and videos the entire month of SeptemBEAR.#ShareABear National Teddy Bear Day

By simply posting a photo, story, or video with #ShareABear, YOU are helping make the world a softer place, one teddy bear at a time.

Remember, for every photo, story, or video posted on social media with the hashtag #ShareABear, Snuggle will donate a teddy bear to a child in need!

Who will you #ShareABear with?#ShareABear

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  1. Her reaction to the bear in the box was just priceless. What a sweet moment! And like you, I too had a bear that I loved until he practically fell apart. The sad thing is – I still have him tucked away in a box somewhere. He’s 28 years old. LOL!

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