5 on Friday {Hand-me Down Coat Edition}

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Actually 4 on Friday… 4 daughters that is.

I realized during our recent snow, this well-loved blue coat has officially been worn by all 4 of my girls. Looking at this coat immediately transports me to memories of each girl at 4 and/or 5 years old.

This will be the last year I zip one of my girls into our little blue coat.

Emily in the blue coat

Each time I zipped it up for Miss Emily this week,  I’d have a flashback of another sister’s snow fun.

Miriam – 2008

I can hear the little nervous giggle after a snowball flew. Was it really okay to pelt a grownup with a snowball? Oh the laps she ran scooping up snow into balls, laughing almost too hard to throw once she realized it really was all in good fun.Miriam snowy

Rebekah – 2010

How my cautious one started ever so carefully (and unwillingly) on the tiny hill, and next thing I knew she was zooming down the big hill, nearly hitting the neighbors fence. She could not get back up that hill for her next run fast enough. The million marshmallows she piled in her hot chocolate when I gave her free reign of the hot chocolate filled tea-pot and bowl of mini marshmallows. Rebekah snowy

Peyton – 2014

Oh my little snow eater. No matter how many times I told her not to, she could not stop eating that muddy snow. Carrying her on my back to find a sledding hill in the neighborhood. Holding her in my lap to zoom down the hill together, racing her big siblings.
Peyton snowy

Emily – 2016

My keeping up with the big kids girl. The one on my back searching for sledding hills this year… loving her turn to ride down the hill with me, but fearless enough to zoom down on her own. My loud wild child- giggling and squealing the whole way down. Emily Snowy


What a reminder that time marches on.

Hang on tight, Savor every age and stage, because it passes in a blink.

Enjoy the ride sled!

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  1. Never has that statement been so true! You never really seem to notice how fleeting time is until you pass something on to the next. My girls share stuff too..the baby is now in her big sisters coat and once she is done with it we will pass it on to someone else to love as she is the last. Bitter sweet but life only gets better from here!

  2. It is funny how things like that can hold such memories. We have some articles of clothing like that – five kids and some of them have been mildly worn through all five! Now that the last is outgrowing some, and they are still in great condition, it breaks my heart.

  3. As the only girl in my family I never got hand me downs. I kind miss that idea that you can pass things on. Now with my son as an only child he didn’t have that experience either.

  4. Awe! That is too sweet. I love seeing my boys in the clothes their older brothers wore when they were little. Now their cousin is wearing their clothes! So fun.

  5. This was so beautifully written and deeply touching. Oh the memories that coat carries with it. Lately I been feeling the mixed bag of excitement and loss as my children leap through many milestones. Thank you for reminding me to treasure them all.

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