Social Distancing Friendly Greetings for Kids

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Saying hello has long been accompanied by a handshake- or even a hug- but with society’s new direction towards social distancing those long standing greetings are no longer acceptable.

It’s hard enough for adults to get used to the new way of things, but for many kids learning a new way to greet and interact with their friends and peers is even more difficult.

Help your kids learn new, fun and interesting ways to greet others with these fun social distancing greeting posters.

Download these free printable posters to post in your classroom, your church, or even your home to help remind kids of the many ways they can safely greet their friends and family during social distancing.

If you are a classroom teacher, these social distance classroom greetings posters will be very helpful to remind your students of fun and friendly social distancing hellos they can use while at school.

You might also want to check out this big list of social distancing friendly games for kids. Get your kids and their friends off their devices and playing together!

Social Distancing Greetings

Frequent discussion of social distancing friendly greetings is also very important. The more we talk to our kids about new greeting styles, and practice them the easier it will be to remember to use one of these fun new greeting styles in place of the usual handshake.

Talk about no touch greetings and minimal touch greetings with your kids. Below is a list you can start with while encouraging your kids to think of their own fun new greeting ideas.

No-Touch Greeting Ideas:

Blow a Kiss


Shaka– greet your friends with an Aloha spirit using this greeting. Curl your three middle fingers in towards your palm with your pinky and thumb extended. Wiggle your hand back and forth. (This can also be called “Hang Ten” or “Hang Loose”)

Spirit Fingers – Hold up both hands, palms towards your friends and wiggle your hands at the wrists.(also called jazz hands)

Bow – a quick tip at the waist in an old fashioned bow can be a fun greeting.

Tip Your Hat


Heart Hands– Use both hands to create a heart.

Live Long and Prosper Salute– Channel Star Trek and Spock with this fun greeting choice. Simply hold your hand in the air and separate the ring finger and middle finger into a V shape.


Air High Five – Just like a regular high five, but without actually touching hands.

Hand on Heart– Make eye contact and place your hand on your heart to greet a friend or loved one.

Thumbs Up

Peace Sign– Why not hold up a peace sign to say hello to your friends?

Curtsy – Little girls love this one!

Air Hug– hold out both arms and pretend to hug the friend you are facing.

Namaste – place palms together and bow your head slightly

Sign “I Love You” – Hold up your hand with fingers outstretched, fold in the ring and middle finger as pictured below to sign I love you.

Air Fist Bump– Just like a regular fist bump, except without actually touching fists. My teen boy loves this one!

Minimal Contact Greeting Ideas:

When kids aren’t good at remembering to wash hands or sanitize after a handshake, these fun minimal contact greetings can help keep germs at bay.

Foot Bump

Hip Bump

Elbow Bump

With all these fun new greeting styles, kids can get excited about greeting friends again! What new no touch and minimal touch greeting ideas can your kids come up with?

Download your social distancing greeting posters here.

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