Socially Distanced Games for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and many of us are still in parts of the world that require social distancing.

If you are having a Valentine’s Day party or gathering and need some fun socially distanced games for Valentines, this post is for you!

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Socially Distanced Valentine Party Games

Scavenger Hunt

Print out a Valentine’s Day themed scavenger hunt and have the children at your Valentine’s Day party set off to find as many items as possible. You can set a timer to see which child can find the most items in a certain time period, or see who can find all of the items first.

You can create your own Valentine themed scavenger hunt list, based on the Valentine decor in your own home or classroom.
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Use candy conversation hearts to mark the spaces while playing a game of Valentine Themed Bingo.

You can create your own Valentine themed bingo cards, or buy a ready made set.

Catch my Heart

Have children stand in a socially distanced circle where they will toss a heart back and forth.

There are several ways to make this game fun, depending on the age and abilities of the kids in your group.

You could play a variation of hot potato. Simply toss the heart around the circle while playing some fun Valentine music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the heart is out.

Buy several heart shaped balls, balloons, or bean bags for a fun and frantic variation of Catch my Heart. Have the children start tossing a heart around the circle, after a few minutes throw another heart into the mix. Continue adding hearts until the children start dropping them.

Valentine Relay Races

Kids love to play relay races at parties! It isn’t too difficult to think of socially distanced relay races to play. Here is one idea.

Divide kids into teams and have them stand in socially distanced lines. Place a container of Valentine candy (such as conversation hearts) in a bowl in front of each team. Give each child a plastic spoon. Place a clear container for each team on the other side of the room, See which team can fill their container first.

Heart Toss

Toss is such an easy game to play while social distancing. Simply space children apart and begin tossing heart balls or balloons. You can make this game a contest by pairing kids in teams and seeing who can successfully toss the longest, or farthest. You can even start kids 6 feet apart and have them toss, then take one step backwards each time they successfully catch. The winner is the one who makes it tossing the longest and farthest.

Cupid Says

Simply change the name of Simon Says to “Cupid Says” for a Valentine version of the game. You can make it more fun by dressing up your Cupid with funny Valentine accessories such as heart shaped sunglasses.

Pin the Heart

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, play Pin the Heart. You can draw a big cupid, or get a poster of a cute animal to pin hearts on.

Valentine Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It games are always a hit at parties. Many of the Valentine Minute to Win it games shared by Happiness is Homemade would work very well even while social distancing. Be sure to check out all the great Valentine Themed Minute to Win it Game Ideas! The “heart-a-stack” game is definitely going to be played at our Valentine party this year!

Valentine Balloon Bop

Blow up several heart shaped balloons and have children bop them around the room. There are so many great games you can play with balloons, but the simplest is just bop the ballon around the room and try to keep it from touching the ground. You can turn on some fun music while kids play this game.

These festive and socially distanced Valentine Party Games are sure to keep kids happy at their Valentine’s Day Party this year.

If you need even more socially distanced party games to keep your kids busy during their Valentine Party, check out even more game ideas with these 25+ socially distanced party games.

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