Socially Distanced Valentine Activities for Kids

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Valentine’s Day is going to be different this year- but thankfully that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at all. There are so many fun things you can do with your kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day while safely socially distanced.

You might have to be extra creative this Valentines, but you can still have a great time celebrating the season! These socially distanced Valentine activities for kids will save the day!

Maybe you are looking for fun Valentine’s Day activities you can do at home with your own kids, or maybe you will have a group of kids together celebrating Valentine’s Day yet still need to keep them safely socially distanced. Either way you’ll find several fun activities in this post that will make Valentine’s Day fun this year!

These fun Valentine activities can be enjoyed while social distancing- they are the perfect choice for your classroom, Sunday school, or any other time you need to spend time with others while social distancing.

Socially Distanced Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts are an easy way to keep kids busy while also keeping them socially distanced. Create your own Valentine themed scavenger hunt or sign up below to receive a fun and free printable Valentine Scavenger hunt!


Set up individual craft stations, or have kids rotate through crafts to keep them safely socially distanced.

You can do something as simple as cutting out big construction paper hearts and having kids decorate them with markers, glitter, and stickers.

My kids love this simple Valentine Sloth craft. Or, if you are gathering with tweens or teens, this paper-quilled Valentine card is a beautiful, older kid craft activity.

Or make it really easy on yourself and buy a ready made Valentine craft kit.

Decorate Sugar Cookies

Children love to decorate cookies! These conversation heart cookies are very easy to make and your kids will enjoy decorating (and eating) them!

Simply prebake heart shaped sugar cookies, hand out small individual piping bags of icing, and give each child a food safe marker to write on his or her cookies with.
For detailed conversation heart cookie instructions, check out this post.

Random Acts of Kindness

Many random acts of kindness are safe while social distancing. What a better way to celebrate love and Valentine’s Day than by doing something kind for others.

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Kids can create a small care package for shut-ins or nursing home residents. Have them decorate a small paper bag with hearts, add a sweet card or Valentine craft, and some other fun surprises such as lotion, sugar free candy, hand sanitizer, a small word search book, etc.

You could also have kids individually wrap the conversation cookies they made and drop them off on the neighbor’s doorsteps.

Exchange Cards

Exchanging cards can definitely be safely socially distanced. Have kids create fun Valentine card mailboxes and place them distanced around the room. Let the kids go around and place cards for their friends in the boxes.

Play a Game

Games are always fun at parties, but it can be hard to figure out what games to play with social distancing.

This post with 9 fun Valentine themed socially distanced party games should help you figure out what games to play at your safe Valentine party.

My kids are really loving the Catch my Heart game!

Watch a Movie

Make cozy spaces with pillows and blankets safely spaced all over the room and enjoy a Valentine movie at your Valentine Party. This list of kid friendly Valentine themed movies will help you choose a good movie for your party.

I love showing a movie at parties! It’s such a great way to give mom time to set up the next activities and clean up from the last ones!

Read a Book

If the kids at your party are readers, pass out an inexpensive Valentine book for everyone to read. Or, for younger kids, spread them out and read them a fun Valentine picture book.

With these fun Valentine activities you can enjoy a safely socially distanced Valentine celebration!

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