Valentine’s Day Movies for Kids the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate as a family. I love finding simple and fun ways to make holidays exciting while also creating family memories. In fact, I’ve shared several fun Valentine’s Day Family Activities on the blog.

A Valentine’s Day family movie night is one fun Valentine’s Day tradition all kids adore. Simply choose one of the Valentine’s Day movies for kids that the whole family can enjoy together (check out my list of movie ideas below) and gather your family for a night of cuddling and watching together.

This is one Valentine’s Day tradition you can’t mess up- whether you simply watch a movie with microwave popcorn or go all out with Valentine’s decor and a fun snack.

Check out the ideas below, then decide which ideas will create a family movie night that best fits your family.

Fun Family Valentine’s Day Idea – Family Movie Night

Set the Stage

  • Set the stage by creating a snuggle spot for watching the movie together.
  • Pile blankets and pillows in the floor, or cuddle on the couch together.
  • Have children decorate the room with pink and red crêpe paper and balloons.
  • Light candles

Serve a Fun Snack

Choose a Valentine’s Day movie for kids

There are so many great movie choices for a Valentine’s Day movie. Simply chose a movie with the theme of love- whether it’s romantic, family love, or a great story of friendship.  Sometimes boys resist the idea of Valentine’s Day celebrations, but there are plenty of great movies for Valentine’s Day even your son will love.

Family friendly Valentine’s Day Movies:

  • The Princess Bride – Fencing, fighting, torture, death, giants, pirates, AND true love. This is one movie both my son and daughters adore. Just enough fighting, adventure, and comedy to keep my son interested despite the love story theme.
  • Beauty and the Beast – Any Disney Princess movie is a great choice for Valentine’s Day, but this one is a family favorite at my house.
  • The Love Bug – This hilarious 1969 romantic comedy is perfect for the whole family.
  • The Sound of Music – This 1965 musical is the unexpected love story between a headstrong governess and a navy captain. You can also watch the recent remake, but you can never go wrong with the classic.
  • Lady and the Tramp – Share a bella notte with your family as you watch these two adorable dogs – one a pampered pooch and the other a mutt- fall in love.
  • Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken – A movie based on the real life story of a diving girl overcoming the odds while also finding love.
  • Enchanted – Princess Giselle finds herself away from her fairytale home and in the real world. Where will she find true love?
  • Shrek – Definitely not your typical fairytale love story, where true loves kiss turns a frog into the prince. A funny movie with a wonderful message about being yourself.
  • Love Comes Softly – This is the perfect wholesome love story. It is a favorite of my preteen girls.
  • The Parent Trap – Follow long-lost twins as they plot to reunite their divorced parents. While there is a new version, the original 1961 movie is my family’s favorite.
  • Ella Enchanted – A fun twist on the typical Cinderella tale.
  • Gnomeo and Juliet – This animated twist on Romeo & Juliet, with a more kid friendly ending.
  • Flubber – another laugh out loud movie with a love story intertwined in the fun.

Do you have any other great family friendly movie recommendations for Valentine’s Day?

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