34 Delicious Summer Sangria Recipes

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Summertime is finally here, and that means more time spent outside enjoying the beautiful weather!

I cannot wait to whip up a pitcher of one of these delicious summer Sangria recipes on the next beautiful weekend to enjoy in the backyard while watching the kids play.

When it comes to summer there is only one beverage I crave- Sangria! Give me all the fruity, refreshing deliciousness when the weather is hot!

I never can decide which fruit I love best in my Sangria, so I like to switch it up as often as possible. I generally buy whatever fruit is on sale and in season at my local grocery store, and then find a Sangria recipe that works for that fruit combination. In this big list of summer sangria recipes you’re sure to find one that works with in season fruit!

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What is Sangria?

Sangria is a traditional alcoholic beverage often served in Spain that has also become very popular in other countries too.

Sangria is typically a very light and refreshing drink, which is why it’s the perfect summertime cocktail!

Sangria traditionally consists of fruit, wine, and a small amount of liquor.

The Sangria recipe you choose will determine whether you will use red or white wine – or sometimes even Rose´ or Moscato. The recipe will usually tell you which type of wine works best for that specific recipe, though most sangria recipes are just as good with either white or red, no matter what the recipe calls for.

How long will Sangria last?

Sangria rarely lasts more than a day when I make it. Everyone always wants a glass or two!

Even if you aren’t entertaining this weekend, and you are the only Sangria drinker in your house, you can still whip up a whole pitcher of Sangria.

Your pitcher of Sangria will keep fresh in the refrigerator all weekend long- and then some! In fact, the longer Sangria sits in the fridge with the flavors blending together, the better it tastes!

Sangria Recipes for Summer

Here are 34 delicious summery sangria recipes to make this season!

Summer Sangrias

Delicious and refreshing summer sangias you'll love sipping this summer.

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