Toddler Safety 101 – 6 Important Tips to Keep Your Toddler Safe

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Sometimes I can’t believe that my 6th baby is a toddler. I blinked and there isn’t much baby left. He’s constantly on the go, and so curious about everything. That combination of newfound confidence, curiosity and ability means he can get into trouble in two seconds flat…maybe less.Toddler Safety 101

We talk about baby safety often… how about toddler safety? Baby proofing is very important, but once that baby becomes a toddler, the real fight for safety begins!
Now’s the time to double-check all the baby proofing already in place and take even more precautions to keep the toddler safe.

Here are 6 important tips to help keep your toddler safe.

Outlets– Use safety plugs in outlets, and keep extras in an easy to find spot to put into outlets after removing cords. I always seem to lose my outlet covers when vacuuming, so having extras on hand is important. Also, keep several extra outlet covers in the diaper bag and suitcase.

Window safety– Dangling window cords are an especially dangerous strangulation hazard. Smith & Noble offers stylish and safe cordless window covering options that looks great in your home and keep your toddler safe. They are also have a special offer: replace unsafe treatments with new ones and save $50 per treatment!

You can also enter to win $1,000 worth of Smith & Noble custom window treatments designed to be safe AND stylish!

Cleaning Supplies and Medicines– Toddlers love to put things in their mouths, and they also love to open everything. This can be an especially scary combination when it comes to medicines and cleaning supplies. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to move these things out of reach, and/or get a locking container for them!

Stairs– Toddlers reach an age where climbing up and down stairs is the best game. Baby gates mean a safe toddler and much less exhausted Momma!

Doors, Cabinets, and Drawers– Now that toddlers are mobile and learning to open drawers and doors, it’s time to add cabinet locks and door handle locks!

Furniture– Climbing can become a toddlers favorite pastime overnight. Anchor furniture and appliances to the wall! It’s amazing how easily a toddler can tip a bookshelf or television!Toddler Safety 101

These toddler proofing tips are so important. All it takes is a few hours to make sure your space is safe for that precious little one!

Do you have any other tips for toddler proofing? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. My little one is 23 months old and every day I find myself asking how her tiny toddler body can reach EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE haha. Oddly enough we have a handicapped cat and making our house safe for her has done a lot in the way of toddler-proofing (strangulation risks are a really big fear with a cat that can’t use it’s back legs).

    Our big issue right now is the climbing. She wants to sit in the kitchen chairs like a big girl, and she can get on to them. But then it’s just too tempting to climb on the table! Ever since she figured out she can move the chairs it’s been even trickier to keep her off them

    1. I feel your pain on the climbing! My son has even learned to drag the bathroom stool around the house to reach what he wants. I have to keep that door shut all the time now so he can’t steal the stool!

  2. Great tips and reminders, as we have 3 kids and a little on the way! We’ve been sure to do these already but great to recheck over things like outlets and cabinets with cleaners, to make sure they totally secured and/or covered. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My baby boy is 19 months and gets into everything both high and low. so, I’m always having to double and triple check everything I think he maybe able to get into. My issue right now is him climbing out of his crib.

  4. Both my boys were extreme climbers as toddlers. They were fearless! They never fell while climbing, but oddly they would trip over their own feet while walking on flat surfaces. These are great tips to remember and help keep our little ones safe.

  5. I remember when my kids were toddlers and you are constantly on the go. These are great tips to keep t hem safe.

  6. I am so glad I don’t have any stairs and I’m almost out of this stage since my little boy is almost 3. Great post and great things to keep in mind!

  7. These are super important things to consider beforehand. It’s nice to be able to eliminate some of the things you have to worry about when your toddler is in those super active stages.

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