19 Awesome Trampoline Activities for Kids

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Now that the weather is improving, my kids will spend hours outside playing on the trampoline together.

They often play some of these 45 trampoline games, but other times they just want to play together. These 19 awesome trampoline activities for kids are the perfect ideas for those days.

If you are looking for fun things to do on the trampoline, this is the post for you!

19 Awesome Trampoline Activities for Kids

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Draw with Chalk

The trampoline is the perfect place to create chalk masterpieces. The chalk shows up vibrantly on the dark trampoline mat, and the smooth surface makes it easy to draw. The chalk will turn to powder when your kids start jumping, creating a whole other fun activity. You can easily wash the chalk away with a hose, or it will disappear with the next rain. 

Build a Fort

A trampoline fort is the perfect place to read a book, hang out with friends, do homework, or have a snack. Create a cozy hangout by taking pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals onto the trampoline. Add a canopy by draping a tarp or a sheet over the top of the trampoline, and your kids will never want to come back inside! Hang a strand of string lights around the top of the trampoline net for a special nighttime hide-out—perfect for star gazing or story time.

Have a picnic

Taking lunch or an afternoon snack on the trampoline feels extra-special to kids and minimizes the crumbs mom has to clean-up inside. Serve drinks in water bottles and food that can’t easily be spilled, like a sandwich, a piece of fruit, or a popsicle.

Dance it out

The trampoline is the perfect place to practice a new dance routine. Ask your kids to have a performance for you and make it extra-special with costumes and music.

Play with a Sprinkler. Two of kids favorite outdoor things are water and a trampoline, so combine both for hours of outdoor fun! Throw on some bathing suits and set up a sprinkler underneath the trampoline, or check-out this awesome, easy installation trampoline sprinkler. This is the perfect activity to cool off both the kids and the trampoline mat on a hot summer day.


Hula-hooping is tons of fun, and hula-hooping on the trampoline is even better. Challenge your kids to see how long they can keep the hula-hoop up while bouncing around the trampoline. 

Play with Bubbles

The trampoline takes bubble-popping to the next level of fun. Have your kids take turns blowing bubbles, or set up a battery powered bubble machine on the side of the trampoline. Your kids can try to pop all the bubbles before they escape the trampoline or see how many bubbles they can pop while in mid-jump.

Create a Trampoline Ball Pit

Fill the trampoline with a bunch of small plastic balls for an extra-fun ball pit that your kids will love.


A great way for kids to have fun on the trampoline while exercising is to do a trampoline workout. Here are some easy workouts your kids can do on the trampoline to get active and burn some energy:

Downhill skiing

Kids hop across the trampoline by putting both feet together and bouncing them side to side as if they were downhill skiing. You can even create a line with painters tape across the trampoline and tell your kids to land their feet on the opposite side of the line each time they jump.

Tuck Jumps

For this trampoline equivalent of a squat, kids bounce in the middle of the trampoline tucking their knees to their chest in mid-air and straightening them before they land. Doing this several times in a row is a great leg workout.


To do a jumping jack on the trampoline, kids jump and spread their arms and legs into an ‘X’ while in mid-air. They then bring their feet together and their arms down by their sides before landing and bouncing back into the air. Challenge your kids to see how many jumping jacks they can do in a row. 

Create an obstacle course

Another way to have fun on the trampoline is to create an obstacle course. There are numerous obstacles you can easily set-up on the trampoline. Have two kids hold a rope or pool noodle between them as a wall for the obstacle course runner to jump over. Draw a row of circles with chalk for your kids to zig-zag through by hopping on one foot. Have two kids wiggle a rope side-to-side on the trampoline mat like a snake to jump over. You can also create a laser obstacle course by tying rope between the trampoline poles in a web and challenging your kids to maneuver through the “lasers” without touching them. 

Play with Balloons

Balloons never fail to entertain children, and simply blowing up a bunch of balloons and tossing them on the trampoline will provide your kids with hours of trampoline fun.

Do Yoga

Doing yoga poses on the trampoline is a great way for your kids to have fun and improve their balance. See how long your kids can stay upright while standing on one foot with their other foot placed on their knee so their leg is bent in a triangle to the side. Or challenge them to see how long they can stay balanced standing on one leg while bending over so their upper bodies are parallel to the trampoline and their other leg is lifted straight out behind them. 

Play With Water Balloons

There aren’t many summertime activities more fun than water balloons on the trampoline. Place several water balloons on the trampoline and let your kids start bouncing. The jumping will cause the water balloons to soar into the air around your kids and burst at their feet. Or you can simply fill up a bucket with water balloons and place it near or on the trampoline for the ultimate water balloon fight.

Play a game

These 45 game ideas are sure to keep your kids happy on their trampoline for hours too! Dodge ball, telephone, limbo, snake, tramp, and more- all games perfect for kids to play on the trampoline!

Make Shadow Puppets

When the sun is high, your kids can lay on the trampoline and cast a shadow onto the ground underneath it. They will be able to see their shadows by peering through the trampoline mat. See if they can create a shadow puppet that is swimming or climbing, or challenge them to work together to create a shadow letter, number, or shape. 

Pop Bubble Wrap

Most kids love popping bubble wrap, and what better place to take that activity than outside. Save the bubble wrap from shipments until you have several pieces. Then lay them across the trampoline and let your kids jump, stomp, and pop to their heart’s content. 

Send those kids outside to the trampoline with these 19 ideas and you’ll have to beg them to come in for dinner!

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