Turkey Popsicle Stick Puppet

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These popsicle stick turkey puppets are just the cutest Thanksgiving craft ever!

Kids of all ages will enjoy making these adorable turkey popsicle stick puppets to enjoy this Thanksgiving. The best part about this craft is that kids can also use their imaginations with the turkey puppets after completing their crafting.

Children can make several different colored turkey puppets to play with together.


  • Cardstock or another thick craft paper in brown shades for the turkey’s body
  • Colorful craft or construction papers for the turkey’s feathers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Template


Print and cut out the pattern pieces from the turkey puppet template.

**If you’d like to make the craft easier for younger kids, you can print out the color version of the template to use, rather than cutting the template into pattern pieces to trace on construction paper. If you use the color popsicle stick turkey puppet, I’d recommend printing the puppet on a heavier printer paper, such as cardstock. Kids can create two different turkey puppets with the color printed version using the two files linked below.

Trace the pattern pieces on your chosen papers, then cut the pieces out.

Glue the wings on both sides of the turkey’s body.

Then, glue the wattle and beak onto the turkey’s face.

Glue the turkey’s head onto the body.

Allow the glue to dry a little bit before proceeding to the next steps.

While the glue is drying from the previous step, fold and join the ends of the paper strips to create teardrop shapes. Apply glue to the ends of each strip to secure the feather loop.

Take one of the folded feather pieces and glue it on the middle of the turkey’s back.

Then, glue rest of the tail feather pieces around the back of the turkey’s body.

Now glue the popsicle stick on the back and your turkey puppet is finished!

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