Toilet Paper Roll Native American Craft

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Get Thanksgiving ready with this adorable Native American craft! Be sure to make the matching Pilgrim boy and girl to complete this fun Thanksgiving craft set.

How to make toilet paper roll Native American Puppets


  • Colored craft papers
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Black marker or pen
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Print out the Native American craft template and cut out all of the pattern pieces.

Choose different colored craft papers for the Native American boy and girl puppets. I’m sharing what we used, but you can use any colors you’d prefer for this craft.

We’re using brown colored craft paper for the head, black paper for the hair, grey paper for the clothes and orange, red, brown papers for the rest of the pieces .

Trace and cut out all of the pieces. 

Glue the small triangle cutouts onto the belt piece.

Glue the two feather pieces together, side by side. 

Cut a piece of paper that will entirely wrap the toilet paper roll, overlapping a little bit in the back. This will be the clothes of your Native American puppet.

Glue the collar piece on the top, middle of the paper, with the pointy edge pointing down.

Glue the feather pieces on the top of the headband piece.

Cut a slit along the inner line (you’ll see a yellow line on the template where you should cut) of the hair piece. Then slide the top of the head under the slit. Secure the hair with glue.

Glue the feather headband on top of the hair.  

Glue the eyes onto the head and then use a marker to draw the nose and mouth of the puppet. 

Glue the head on the top of the rectangular paper, right above the collar piece. 

Wrap the toilet paper roll with the paper, keeping the head at the top of the toilet paper roll.

Glue the overlapping piece to secure the craft onto the toilet paper roll.

Now, make the girl puppet in the same way.

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