3 Year Old Things and Goodbye Toddler Terrorist

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Since Emily started toddling we’ve called her our ‘toddler terrorist’- never knowing what to expect from her moods.  She wasn’t very easy to parent for a good year and a half.  However 3 1/2 is a great age for her. She’s suddenly able to get her point across with words and less frustration. She has the most adorable facial expressions, and even developed a sense of humor that has us in stitches often. She still has quite a feisty streak, but I no longer hold my breath at all times waiting for her temper to show up.

This post is about the adorable things she’s doing lately that I don’t want to forget.Emily

I made the mistake of choosing her pajamas for her the other night. She was not happy with my choice, so I put them back in the drawer so she could choose. 3 minutes later she comes out of the bedroom with the exact pair I originally picked out.

She has a huge imagination, and can play all afternoon in her own little world. She calls is ‘tending’. bedtime snuggles

While she potty trained she became our resident bathroom cheerleader. If she managed to get into the bathroom with another person she’d say, “Good job! You are such a big girl! I am so proud of you!”

Before bed she tells me she has ‘stinky teeth’ and asks if it’s time to brush them.running through the field


She loves her siblings, one night she woke up panicked about being alone. “Mommy, where are the guys??” After I pointed around the room at her sleeping siblings she happily laid back down and shut her eyes.

When she had a stomach bug this month she told me, “Mommy I have bugs in my tummy!” and later when she finally felt better she exclaimed, “Mommy, there aren’t anymore bugs in my tummy!” She thought the churning upset feeling was bugs crawling around inside her!3 year old things

3 sure looks good on her!

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