Beach Trip!

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Thanks to Gramma and Gramps, we got to spend a long weekend at the beach with Rob’s whole family.  I only braved taking my camera to the beach for a few hours the first morning- the weather turned beautiful that afternoon and I choose playing over shooting photos.  The second day, rain threatened all day, so I left the camera in the condo. Water Baby It was such a treat to watch the cousins play together and have a wonderful time.  With 12 cousins, there is never a lack of playmate.

Playing with cousins

Miriam and Ashley spent a lot of time looking for digging shells and sand fiddlers.Cold!Being late September, it was pretty chilly most of the time.  Michael seems to be like me, he isn’t interested in being cold for long.  He did enjoy boogie boarding and wave jumping, but he also spent a lot of time building huge sand forts.Boogie Boarding BekRebekah spent two days straight on her boogie board.  It didn’t matter if it was early morning and the water was ice-cold, or if it was long pants weather the second day, or if the waves got really rough.  Her arms and the tops of her legs are still full of tiny scabs from scraping against the sand, salt and board.  She amazes me- once terrified of the water and sand, now she is my biggest water baby!  She tumbled again and again yet never stopped.Running from the waterEmily is still fearless.  She ran to and from the water, jumped waves, and thought she could swim just as well as the big kids.  We spent the first morning chasing her back and forth. Jumping Waves Thankfully the ocean provided us a large shallow pool on the beach when the tide went out.  She stayed there for hours “swimming” and gave Daddy and Mommy a bit of a break, since there were no waves to snatch her away.

It was a lovely way to start fall!

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