Cat in the Hat Craft for Seuss Week

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Get ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss week with this adorable Dr. Seuss craft project! This cute Cat in the Hat is a great craft for kids to make while celebrating Seuss week.

After making this adorable Cat in the Hat craft your kids could glue a popsicle stick to the back to act out some of their favorite Cat in the Hat scenes.

In fact, you could also make these Thing 1 & Thing 2 bookmarks into puppets by adding a popsicle stick too. What a fun way to get kids to retell their favorite Seuss story scenes!

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How to make a Cat in the Hat


  • red, black & white colored paper – cardstock or construction paper
  • craft glue
  • black marker or pen
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • template


Print out the template and cut out the pattern pieces.

On the red paper trace the long strips, the bow and the smallest circle.

On the white paper trace the inner ear pieces, the hat and the face. Choose whether you’d like to use the blank face and draw the Cat’s face yourself, or you can choose the already drawn face for your Cat.

Trace the rest of the shapes on to black paper.

Cut out all the pieces.

Choose the Cat face you’d like to use, then attach it to the middle of the black head piece.

Glue the inner ear pieces in the middle of the black ear shapes on the Cat’s head.

Attach the small read circle to the middle of the bow.

Glue the red strips across the Cat’s hat.

Attach the Cat’s white hands to the end of his arms. 

Glue the Cat’s head to the top of his body.

Glue the arms behind the Cat’s body as shown below.

Glue the bow under the Cat’s head.

Trim the extra strips of red off the sides of the hat.

Attach the hat to the Cat’s head.

Use a pen or marker to draw the face of the Cat, if you didn’t use the already drawn face piece.

Glue the tail behind the Cat’s body, making sure that it is visible from the front. 

That’s it! Now, you can add a popsicle stick to the back if you’d like a Cat in the Hat puppet.

Looking for more ways to celebrate Seuss week?

While you are celebrating Seuss week with the Cat in the Hat, why not make these adorable, kid approved Cat in the Hat cupcakes?

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