DIY Felt Turkey Plush

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When it comes to craft supplies that my family loves, felt tops the list. Creating fun things from felt, thread, and some stuffing is something we all love to do.

This adorable DIY Felt Turkey Plush is absolutely adorable, and so much fun to make!


  • Colored felt fabric – yellow, orange, red, brown, black and white.
  • Needle and thread
  • Pencil or pen – for tracing the template 
  • Scissors 
  • Cotton
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pattern


Select the felt fabrics for the project and trace the patterns from the template onto the felt pieces.

The template includes- 2 parts for the body, 1 beak, 1 wattle, 10 feathers (2 for each feather pattern), 2 parts for the white area and 2 parts for the black area of eyes, 2 legs. 

Cut out the pieces.

Take any of the main body pieces and stitch the eyes, beak and wattle on it.

If you prefer glue the pieces on with fabric glue rather than stitching them.

Take the second body piece and place it under the detailed one, matching the sides. 

Stitch around the sides of the 2 body pieces but keep a small place open at the bottom side.

Stuff cotton through the opening, then place the 2 legs just inside the opening. 

Stitch around the bottom of the turkey, closing the opening and attaching the legs at the same time. Tie and knot and cut off the extra thread. 

Take any 2 feather pieces of the same color and place them together, making sure that the sides are matched.

Stitch around the sides of the feather pieces make sure to stuff a little cotton through the opening before sewing the feather all the way shut.

Repeat with the rest of the feathers.

While your glue gun heats, plan the arrangement of feathers on your turkey. 

Glue the feathers on the back side of the stuffed turkey one by one. 

Glue a round piece of felt to cover the feather joints on the back. (optional)

Also attach a small piece of round felt cut out on the front. 

Now your DIY Felt Turkey Plush  is done!

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    1. Yes, You should see the word “template” and “Pattern” hyperlinked within the post- simply click that link and print out the pattern. (Or simply click the link in the previous sentence here. Enjoy!

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