Thanksgiving Corner Bookmarks

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Looking for a fun and easy Thanksgiving craft kids off all ages will enjoy creating? These Thanksgiving origami bookmarks are just the thing!

Thanksgiving Corner Bookmarks are a great activity to keep kids busy during Thanksgiving gatherings!

How to make Thanksgiving Origami Bookmarks



Download and print out the Thanksgiving Bookmark Templates. Cut out the desired pattern pieces.

Select fall themed colored craft papers for the Thanksgiving corner bookmarks. The template includes patterns for turkey, pumpkin, maple leaf, sunflower, acorn, and corn.

Trace the turkey template patterns on the selected craft papers and cut the patterns out nicely.

Glue the small tail base on the big tail base.

Attach the beak cutout on the head part of the body base.

Attach the teardrop cutouts on to the tail base.

Use markers to draw the eyes, wings and outline of the turkey body base cutout.

Prepare a piece of square paper (we’re using a 15cm x 15cm square sheet).

Use the square sheet to make an origami corner bookmark. It you’d like directions on how to fold an origami bookmark, you’ll find a step by step tutorial here.

Attach the turkey on the triangle side of the origami corner bookmark.

Trace and cut out the maple leaf shape from a colored craft paper; and use a matching sharpie to trace outlines on the paper maple leaf cutout.

Attach the maple leaf on another origami corner bookmark. 

Similarly, trace, cut out and glue the patterns to create the rest of the Thanksgiving themed items to complete the your Thanksgiving corner bookmark set.

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