DIY Felt Unicorn Ornament

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Do your girls love unicorns as much as mine? This adorable DIY Felt Unicorn Ornament (with Free Printable Pattern) is sure to make your girls happy. 
Tweens and teens will enjoy making the unicorn independently, while elementary schoolers may need some help. Supplies:

  • Felt fabrics
  • Pen – for tracing the template 
  • Scissors 
  • Needle and thread
  • Ribbon
  • Cotton stuffing


Select felt fabrics to make the unicorn. I’m using off-white felt for the body and ears, and yellow felt for the horn. For the rest of the features you can use any color you want. Simply trace the patterns from the template on the felt pieces and cut them out. 

Take one head piece (the circle) and stitch the semi circular piece on the bottom of the head. Stitch the eyes, nose and mouth with black thread.

Take the 2 horn pieces and place them together, matching all sides.

Stitch around the sides to join both pieces together.

Take a piece of ribbon and fold it into half.

Take the other head piece and place it on a flat surface. Place the 2 ear pieces along the top of the head; also place the open ends of the folded ribbon between the ears. Make sure that the ears and the ribbon overlap the head cut out a little.

Carefully place the horn on the top of the ribbon, again making sure that the horn also overlaps the head piece.

Now take the front head piece (with the stitched face); and place it on the top of the other head piece.

Place the 3 hair pieces along the top of the front head.

Stitch the ears, ribbon, horn, hair cut outs and both head pieces together along the top. Keep a small opening on the bottom side of the head.

Stuff the head through the bottom opening to give it a fluffy look.

Now take the body pieces and stitch them together around the sides.

Stuff the body with cotton through an opening before closing the stitch.

Take the stuffed head and get ready to attach the body.

Insert a little of the neck inside the head through its bottom open end. Stitch the bottom of the head and body together to join.

Arrange the 3 tail pieces together. Make sure that all 3 pieces overlap each other.

Stitch the tail on the back of the unicorn body.

All done! Cute isn’t she?

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