DIY Flying Reindeer Craft for Kids

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Christmas needs reindeer crafts, right!? I’m adding this fun Rudolph to our round up of 21 awesome reindeer crafts right now.

Are you ready for the most adorable reindeer Christmas craft ever? This flying Rudolph reindeer craft is sure to make kids of all ages smile!

Print out the template, gather you children and some craft supplies, and make the cutest flying reindeer ever!

DIY Flying Reindeer Craft for Kids


  • template
  • paper bow
  • red pom pom x 2, one small and one medium
  • glue
  • markers
  • white pipe cleaner
  • cotton balls
  • scissors
  • tape
  • googly eyes


Print the template of the reindeer and North Pole.

Color the north pole and Rudolph. Then cut both pieces out.

Using a a little glue, attach the google eyes and red nose to the reindeer.

Next wrap the pipe cleaner around the marker, to create a spring.

Straighten one end of the pipe cleaner and tape it to the back of the reindeer.

Use a marker to help form the North Pole template into a pole shape, then tape to secure.

Cut 4 slits in the end of the North Pole, bend the pieces outward and secure the edges down to the bowl with tape.

Poke a hole in the center of the bowl with your scissors.

Put a generous amount of glue around the entire bowl. Take a cotton ball and stretch it in all directions to flatten it out before gluing it to the bowl. Keep adding flattened cotton balls to the bowl until its completely covered in ‘snow’.

Take the end of the spring pipe cleaner and put it in the hole in the center of the bowl. Tape it on the inside of the bowl to secure.

Finally add the medium pom pom to the top of the North Pole to complete the Flying Reindeer craft.

Rudolph is ready to lead the sleigh! Isn’t he adorable?

I’m enjoying all things reindeer themed this year, how about you?

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Merry Christmas!

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