Farmland Math Mat Bundle Review

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My preschooler, Emily, loves ‘doing school’ like her big siblings. And while she has a few workbooks, I know that learning through play is what preschoolers do best.  Hands on activities, and learning how the world works through manipulative and natural play are the things I look for when choosing school activities for her.

Timberdoodle’s exclusive Farmland Math Mat Bundle is a great way to expose Emily to math concepts and thinking skills. The bundle comes with a 36 week Farmland Math curriculum guide, a wipe-clean farm mat, and 30 jumbo farm animals. The 36 week curriculum guide teaches preschoolers math concepts such as grouping by color, counting, patterns and simple addition and subtraction. Farmland Math Mat Bundle

Each week includes a story problem to introduce the week’s concept. For example week 6 practices counting to 5 and adding more. As I read the story to Emily, she follows along placing animals to match the story. “There are 5 roosters in the cornfield, and one rooster on the swing.” Then I ask Emily questions from the guide such as, “Where are there more roosters?” Farmland Math Mat Bundle

Preschoolers love repetition, so each day we complete the math story again. By the end of the week Emily really understands each math concept, in fact she can walk me through the story herself. She likes turning the tables by telling me the story while I answer the questions. Farmland Math Mat Bundle

I love this math curriculum for Emily, it’s such a fun way to teach math skills. Not only is it great for her at 4 years old, but I’m amazed at how much my 2-year-old son is learning while we ‘play’ math. Farmland Math Mat BundleHe can already group the animals by type and color, and place up to two animals in correct locations. I think he may be ready for the full curriculum next year!Farmland Math Mat Bundle

Timberdoodle offers the exclusive Farmland Math Mat Bundle individually, or as part of a full preschool curriculum set. If you are looking for a great hands-on learning curriculum for your preschooler definitely check Timberdoodle out! Farmland Math Mat Bundle

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