Flower Pot Bookmark

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This adorable felt flower pot bookmark are a fun summer craft for tweens and teens. All you’ll need is a few pieces of scrap felt, a needle and some thread to make this simple felt sewing craft.

diy felt flower bookmarks

Start summer reading off with these cute flower bookmarks! Make one for yourself, and several for your friends.

flower and pot bookmark craft

Wouldn’t these felt flower pot bookmarks be a great Mother’s Day craft for teens to make?

diy ribbon bookmarks

How to make a Flower Pot Bookmark felt craft


  • Felt fabrics
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Template


Print out the template and cut out all of the pattern pieces.

Select felt fabrics for the bookmark. You’ll need green felt for the stem and the leaf pieces. We choose a brown felt for the flower pot. Then, pick any colors you like best for your flower and it’s middle.

Trace the pattern pieces on the felt that you choose, then cut out all of the pieces.  

Each flower includes 2 layers- a front and back.

Grab the flower pieces and place a small circle on the center of each flower. 

Use needle and thread to stitch the circle on the center of each flower. We did double cross stitches to attach the flower centers. 

Next place the two flowers together, with their backsides together.

Prepare needle and thread to stitch around the sides.

Begin joining the flower pieces by stitching around the outside edges. Do not stitch all around the sides, keep a small opening to insert the stem later.

Place the two pot pieces together.

Prepare needle and thread. Now stitch around the sides of the pots to join them together, but leave a small opening at the top of the pot for the stem.

At this point, your flower and it’s pot are stitched together, but each has a small unstitched opening.

Insert one end of the stem into the flower.

*This craft is also really cute using a green ribbon for the flower stem, rather than felt

Stitch the flower opening to close the flower and attach the stem at the same time.

Place the other end of the stem in the opening of the flower pot.

Stitch the flower pot closed while also securing the stem in the pot with your stitches.

Next attach the leaves to the stem. We used hot glue to attach the leaves, but you could also stitch them onto the stem if you’d prefer. 

Now your felt flower in pot bookmark is ready to use, or to gift!

flower pot bookmark craft

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