Fruit Origami Corner Bookmark

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By now you know that I love origami corner bookmarks. These adorable fruit corner bookmarks might just the the cutest ones we’ve made yet!

Your kids will love making these easy origami bookmark fruits! Make a watermelon, a lemon, and a lime with the printable template and these easy instructions. Can you use your imagination and other colors to make an orange and grapefruit too?

Print the template, gather some colorful papers and make this fun summer bookmark craft today!

Fruit Origami Corner Bookmark Directions


  • Colored paper
  • Template
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

How to make the origami corner bookmark:

Choose a square paper that is approximately 8 inches x 8 inches.

Fold the square paper into half diagonally to create a triangle.

Grab the top corner of the top layer triangle and fold it down to the bottom edge of the triangle. (as pictured below) This will eventually form the pocket of the bookmark.

Fold up the left corner of the triangle, matching it with the top corner.

Do the same thing with the right side, folding up the right corner of the triangle until it touches the top corner.  

Now fold the left triangle down into the bottom fold to create the pocket.

Fold the right side the same way to finish the corner origami bookmark.

How to make fruit origami bookmark:

Print the template and cut out the pieces. Choose the colored papers you’d like to use for your fruit.

Trace the patterns on the colored papers and cut the pieces out.

For the watermelon you’ll want the largest triangle shape on green paper, the medium triangle shape on white paper, and the small triangle shape on pink paper. Trace the seed shapes on black.

For the citrus fruits you’ll make the medium triangle white and the other pieces either green or yellow, depending on which citrus fruits you are making.

To make the watermelon, glue the seed pieces to the pink paper.

Glue the pink piece onto the white piece as shown below.

Next glue the white piece on to the green paper as shown.

Finally glue the watermelon you just created onto the corner bookmark you already made.

Now, follow the same steps to create the lemon bookmark and the lime bookmark. (except glue the citrus wedges on instead of seeds.)

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