How to Transform Any Space into a Home Classroom

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With many kids taking part in remote learning this school year, parents have been forced to improvise when it comes to creating school-friendly workspace at home. If you’re struggling to find a good place for your child to do their school work each day, you’re not alone! Luckily, creating a good place for your child to work isn’t difficult if you know where to start. Here’s how to transform any space into a home classroom.

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How to Transform Any Space into a Home Classroom

Rethink the Classroom

The first step toward creating a home classroom is to rethink the concept of a classroom. Since your child (or children) will be the only ones in their “class,” there really is no reason to create a designated spot in your house. If you have the space to create a separate classroom for your kids, great! But if you’re limited on space, think about your kids’ classroom more as a space for learning instead of a traditional classroom. When you think about it in this way, their home classroom can really be any spot in your home!

Get Organized

Since your child’s workspace can move from space to space, you’ll need to create an organized station to house all the supplies they’ll need. A great way to make it easy for your child to stay organized is to make a mobile homework caddy filled with school supplies. Fill up the caddy with pens, pencils, crayons, and paper, along with any other supplies they need to complete their daily assignments. Place the caddy in a central location and allow them to move the caddy where they will be working that day. It’s also a good idea to make a binder to organize all your child’s notes and assignments.

Start with a Quiet Area

The most important step toward creating a home classroom is to find a quiet spot for your child to work. The beauty of creating a classroom at home is that your child can work just about anywhere. So, start by finding a quiet place for your kids to work undisturbed. It can be in their bedroom, in the family room, or at the dining room table.

Give Them a Work Surface

Next, you’ll need to set up a place for them to work. Start with a solid surface, like a table or desk, and a chair for them to sit in. Make sure the work surface is clear of distractions and clutter to ensure they stay focused as they work. Then, bring over their computer or tablet, the supply caddy, and homework binder, giving them everything they need to complete their daily assignments anywhere in your home.

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