New Years Eve Resolutions for Kids

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Setting New Year’s resolutions is a great way to start the new year. Even kids can enjoy and benefit from this tradition. Sometimes finding resolutions for kids can be difficult. The classic loose weight resolutions most adults go with will not work for your child. These simple New Year’s resolution ideas will help your child set a goal for the new year that is attainable and age appropriate. 

One of the best New years resolutions kids can make is to make healthy choices more often. This can be a test of wills but it can lead to a healthier life for years to come. Teach your child to choose healthy foods more often. Simple choices like juice instead of soda or an apple instead of chips are great choices. While this may not feel like a big goal it is the perfect example of how small choices add up into big changes. 

A great goal for any child is to play outside more. Kids these days live a more sedentary lifestyle that can lead to health issues over the years. Help your child make a goal to get outside more often for longer periods of time. Playing in the snow, going for hikes, riding bikes, and playing with friends are all great ways to get more time outside in nature both taking in the fresh air and getting more physical activity in. 

Every kid can benefit from spending more time reading. A great resolution for kids is to read more and more often. If your child is too young to read to themselves make it your goal to read to your child more. While reading can get pushed to the side in your busy life it also opens so many amazing doors and helps growth and development across the board. 

Every child should learn new skills as they grow. This year encourage your child to set a New Year’s resolution to learn a new skill. Any new skill will do the trick. From art to a handy craft or cooking can all be fun opportunities. Let your child explore options and find a new skill that interests them then run with it. 

Encourage your child to pick up a hobby or start a collection for their New Year’s resolution. It’s a great way to explore interests, learn something new and find something that they have a passion for. If they already have a hobby or collection why not challenge them to develop it more in the new year? 


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