Puppet St Patrick’s Day Craft {with Free Template}

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It’s time for St. Patrick’s Day crafts! Yay! Gather your kids and your craft supplies, then get busy crafting!

These adorable St. Patrick’s Day Puppets are such a great craft for this season. You all know how much a love a craft that can also encourage imaginative play! These puppets will allow your kids to creatively tell all kinds of fun leprechaun tales!

Puppet St. Patrick’s Day Craft


  • Construction paper or cardstock paper
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Printable Template


Choose colored papers for your St. Patrick’s Day puppet craft. You can use whatever papers you have on hand- construction paper or cardstock works well. Trace the leprechaun patterns from the template onto the colored papers. Cut out all the pattern shapes.

Make the hat by attaching the black strip to the hat shape, next glue the larger yellow square in the middle of the black strip, and finally the small black square on the middle of the yellow square.

Attach the beard to the small round face cutout.

Attach the boots to the legs.

Now you’ll build the body of the leprechaun puppet by attaching the leg pieces behind the large green circle (body). Next attach the head pattern on the other side of the green circle.

Use a marker to add eyes, nose and mouth to the leprechaun puppet. You can also draw some stripes on the leprechaun’s legs.

Attach the leprechaun to a craft stick, then attach the paper hat on top of the leprechaun puppet. 

Now you can create some fun leprechaun accessories with the rest of the template patterns. Attach those accessories to craft sticks too!

Gather the puppets and use them to tell a St. Patrick’s Day story!

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