5 Festive Socially Distanced Christmas Party Games

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The holiday season may look a little bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean your family can’t have fun this Christmas. You can celebrate and still have some fun socially distanced party game choices.

If you plan on hosting a Christmas party, one of the best ways to make sure everyone at the gathering stays safe is by social distancing. But playing party games at your event might be a little difficult while practicing social distancing. You’ll need some fun and festive socially distanced Christmas games this year!

With these fun socially distanced Christmas party games, your guests can have some fun while staying safe at the same time.

Christmas Bingo

This popular party stand-by is a great way for your guests to have some fun at your holiday party. Download some Christmas themed bingo cards or create some yourself, then have a little bit of Christmas fun playing together while also staying six feet apart.

Christmas Carol Name that Tune

No one has to get near each other to play a fun round of name that tune. To play this social distancing party game, play the first few seconds of a popular Christmas song, then let your guests try to name that tune. Keep track of the score by marking down each time a guest gets a correct answer. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Christmas Charades

Create a fun list of Christmas themed prompts, then print them out and cut out each prompt. Place the words in a bowl. Break up your guests into two teams, spacing the seating six feet apart to keep everyone safe. When it’s someone’s turn, let them draw a paper from the bowl and act out the words on the page in front of the group. When a member of the team guesses the word correctly, they get a point. The first team to make it to 20 points wins. 

Oven Mitt Unwrapping

Ask each of your guests to bring a present from home wrapped in wrapping paper. Stack up all the gifts, then let everyone draw a number. Let each person pick a present according to their number, then pass out oven mitts to all the guests. Yell go and let all your guests try to unwrap their gift while wearing the oven mitts for a laugh.

Cookie Decorating Contest

Provide your guests with a few cookies and decorating supplies on their own individual plates, then let them get creative decorating their cookies. The best cooking decorator wins a prize! And all the guests get to enjoy their cookies when the contest is over.

Still looking for more socially distanced party game ideas? This list of more than 25 socially distanced party games may not be Christmas themed, but many of them could easily be modified for a Christmas party. Check out the 25+ social distancing party game ideas here.

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