11 Snacks & Drinks for Your Grinch Party

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It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Grinch Movie Watching Party, right!?! Why not whip up several of these fun Grinch themed snacks and drinks for a Grinch movie night? Or maybe you’d like to have a Grinch theme evening while reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas aloud instead.

First choose the drinks you’ll serve during your Grinch Party:

This green Grinch ice cream float by Plum Crazy even has its own red sugar heart! Or choose a healthy and delicious Grinch Smoothies by Rainy Day Mum.

Expecting a crowd? Then this festive Grinch Punch by Simplistically Living is easy and will serve a crowd!

Or create some fun DIY Grinch Party glasses and fill them with yummy Grinch Party Punch by Pretty Providence.

If hot chocolate is more your style, then you have to try this amazing Green Grinch Cocoa by The Parent Spot.

Now that you’ve got your Grinch theme beverage ready, pick several Grinch snacks to serve:

Grinch Kabobs by My Thoughts Ideas and Ramblings are a great way to serve an adorable, yet healthy snack kids will love at your Grinch party. 

No party is complete without some sweets though!

These Grinch Cupcakes by Simplistically Living are so adorable with green icing and a little red heart. They are easy to create, so your kids can enjoy helping bake and decorate them for your Grinch party.

These adorable Grinch Pretzels are a quick and easy addition to your grinch evening. I know my family always wants somethings salty sweet when watching a movie!

These homemade Grinch Donuts by A Cultivated Nest are absolutely amazing! Talk about wowing your crowd with this party food choice!

This easy easy and delicious pistachio bread with cinnamon streusel bread made into Grinchy Pistachio Pudding Bread by Tastes of Lizzy T is another great Grinch party food.

Grinch Cookie Dough Bites by Nerdy Mamma are definitley a must make Grinch snack. Who doesn’t love cookie dough?

Complete your Grinch party with these amazing Santa Belly Grinch Cookies by Living Off Love and Coffee. 


I cannot wait to have a Grinch theme party night with my kids. Starting our holidays with the story of How the Grinch Stole Christmas is such a great way to remember what is most important about this holiday- the people we are surround by and being generous!

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