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Friday Night Lights


Spring sports season has begun, which means Saturdays and three nights a week at the ball fields.  We are adjusting well to Rob’s switch to 2nd shift.  The trade-off of 3 days off each week has been worth the change but, of course, our practice nights fell on the three nights a week Rob never has off.   So I am on my own for all the kids’ practices.  It means a lot of prep work packing snacks and drinks and sports equipment and toys for the non-practicing kids, and sunscreen/hats or, in the case of last week, blankets and winter clothing.


Watching Practice


I (usually) love practice nights.  All our practices are through sunset, which means I have good light to practice and play with my camera.  The children who aren’t practicing enjoy an hour or two of outside play three nights a week.  Last week was difficult because it was miserably cold.  As soon as spring truly arrives practice won’t be a chore anymore.  Emily was also a handful last week, in one night she managed to get into the dugout and onto the field twice before I could catch her.  I hope that she’ll get used to the expectations and routine soon so that we can all relax and enjoy our nights at the fields.




On Friday night, after a full (and rough) day of practice on Saturday and 2 extremely cold evening practices, Rebekah’s practice field switched to the only field that has a gated playground beside it.  Finally, I got to watch some of practice and play with my camera– until Emily figured out how to open the gate.


Keeping up with the big kids


I am trying not to fall behind on the blog during this busy season but most days I’m spinning so fast trying to stay on top of everything that I just don’t have the brain power to write a blog post!


playground fun

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