Start Bible Journaling for Under $50

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Seeing all the beautiful Bible Journaling on social media today, it’s easy to think you need a lot of money to get started. Today, I’m showing you how to start Bible Journaling for under $50.
Actually, you could easily start for even less than that. 

Start Bible Journaling for Under $50

How to choose a Bible Journal

First, you’ll need to choose a Bible.

There are really so many affordable journaling Bible options available. Pick the right one for you, then spend the rest of your budget on supplies for the Bible.

Here are just a few of the available budget friendly journaling Bibles available. (At the time of this posting ranging from $25 to $35 each.)

ESV happens to be my favorite Bible translation, but there are other options available if you prefer another translation. Definitely research and narrow down what translation you want rather than chosing the cheapest (or prettiest) option!

Bibles come in single or double column format, so you’ll want to pay attention to that when choosing. I prefer the single column format, but double column works well too, and is often cheaper. If you are doing your own search for Bibles, you’ll find them You’ll find them labeled Journaling Bible, or Note-Taker’s Bible in your search.


Single Column Journaling Bible, Black – I love the elastic closure strap on this Bible.

Single Column Journaling Bible, Chestnut Leaves


NIV, Holy Bible, Journal Edition, Imitation Leather, Brown/Blue


Notetaking Bible 


Bonded Leather

Start Bible Journaling for Under $50

Must have supplies for Bible Journaling

Once your choose your Journaling Bible, you’ll need to a few supplies to get started Bible journaling.

You’ll need a black pen that won’t bleed through your pages.

This is the pen I use most often, it’s .5 mm size is perfect for just about anything whether illustrating, outlining or taking notes. And it’s less than $3!

Now, my favorite part… adding color.

The most versatile tool for adding color is a set of colored pencils. Colored pencils are perfect for filling in lettering outlined with your black pen, drawing pictures, doodling, and highlighting. If you already have colored pencils at home, no need to buy a different set. Any colored pencil will work!

If you need to buy colored pencils, Crayola Twistables are wonderful. They are inexpensive, and the twist feature allows you Bible Journal on the go without carrying a pencil sharpener.

A Bible, black pen, and colored pencils are the perfect starting place for your Bible Journaling Adventure! That’s really all you need to get started.

If you still have a little room in your Bible Journaling budget, I recommend getting a set of highlighters next. Use them for highlighting, as well as for adding color and shading in your illustrations and lettering.

Bible Journaling for the beginner. 8 simple ways to get started today! Aren't artistic- there are great ways to use your journaling Bible anyway!

Now that you have your Bible Journaling Supplies, check out this post on 8 different ways to use your Bible Journal.

Your new Bible can be used for so much more than just lettering scripture. Check it out!

If you can’t wait to start your Bible Journaling adventure, but worry about your artistic ability and desire perfection in your Bible check out this post with great Bible Journaling hacks for the artistically challenged..

Head over to my Bible Journaling Pinterest board for even more tips and inspiration.
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I can’t wait to hear about your Bible Journaling adventure!

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  1. There are some very talented people that are doing this. Me… not so much. I do write in my Bible but nothing like this. I would love to give it a go and see what it’s like though. It would be such a great keepsake for the kids!

    1. I think about that too, that my kids will know who I was- my hopes, my struggles, my joy – at this time in my life when they look through my Bible one day. In fact, I plan to get a new one and start again if I ever fill this one up!

  2. Bible journaling is a great way to witness your own spiritual transformation. I find journaling on my iPhone using the Holy Bible App more practical for me.

  3. My aunt started doing this a couple years ago and so for Christmas this year she got her daughters and nieces a journal to start bible journaling as well as tracking the things we are grateful for each day. It’s been an amazing experience already. – Katy

  4. I’ve been considering gifting a Journaling Bible to someone close to me and these are all great recommendations! My daughter uses those Crayola Twistables and I would never have thought of using them for Bible Journaling!

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