Bible Reading Plans for Bible Journaling in the New Year

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As the new year is quickly approaching, many of you may be thinking of new year’s resolutions that involve your Bible reading habits. Maybe you’ve been Bible Journaling for a long time and feel like you are in a rut, or maybe you just started Bible Journaling, or possibly you’d like to begin Bible Journaling for the first time in the new year as you begin a new Bible reading plan.

If you are considering changing or beginning a new Bible reading plan, then I have a few great options for you! Many people are looking to read the Bible more or try and read the entire thing over the year.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Bible is a huge book, and without a good reading plan, you’re unlikely to get through the whole thing.

If you have taken up Bible journaling, then here are a few excellent bible reading plans that are perfect to start in the new year! Simply follow the reading plan and journal in your Bible as you go!

If you are just getting started Bible Journaling, be sure to check out these great tips for Bible Journaling beginners.

Bible Reading Plans for Bible Journaling

The 5x5x5 Bible reading plan

Using the 5x5x5 method, the goal is to read only the new testament by reading Monday-Friday. Your weekends should be used for other readings and reflection periods. This is a great Bible reading plan for those who tend to miss a few days on their daily Bible reading plans. The goal of this reading plan is to move at a little bit of a slower pace so that you can have plenty of time to catch up and reflect on the passages that you read. You will read through the entire New Testament in a year with about one chapter per day.

The chronological Bible reading plan

If you are looking for a little more structure in your bible reading plan, you can’t go wrong with the basic chronological Bible reading plan. This bible reading plan focuses on reading the entire Bible by reading the events as they happen chronologically. This is an excellent option if you are looking to see how all the pieces of the Bible fit together.

The discipleship Bible reading plan

In this method, you are focusing on Genesis, Psalms, Matthew, and Acts. This one incorporates four daily readings and is excellent for those looking to do an in-depth Bible study of the disciples.

The chapter Bible reading plan

If you are looking to really read through the Bible, but don’t mind going at a slower pace, you can’t beat the ease of this plan! You focus on one single chapter of the Bible at a time, but you alternate between the old and new testaments of the Bible. If you stick with this plan, you will read the entire Bible in about three years.

The weekday Bible reading plan

If you are looking for something straightforward and easy to follow, you will love the weekday Bible reading plan. This plan focuses on reading through the Bible by reading five days a week. Since you are only doing five readings in a week, this will give you time to take days off and also catch up if you have a particularly busy day.

Whether you’re just getting started with bible journaling, or you are just looking for a few new ways to incorporate your bible reading plan into your bible journaling, I hope this post helps you start your new year on the right foot!

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