Where to Shop when the Grocery Stores are Selling Out

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If you didn’t get a chance to stock up on groceries before the pandemic hit your area, then you may be finding yourself scavenging for food at the grocery stores. While some items are always well-stocked, many grocery stores are regularly selling out of everyday essentials from toilet paper to canned beans and rice. If you are tired of dealing with items being sold out, here is where to shop when the grocery stores are selling out.

Where to Shop when the Grocery Stores are Selling Out

Dollar Stores

While everyone is heading to the grocery store, many people skip over the Dollar Trees and Family Dollars of the world. Dollar General is another excellent option if you are looking for a few items such as milk and eggs that might otherwise be out of stock at the grocery store. These stores won’t have everything you might need, but they can help you fill in the gaps for dairy or shelf-stable options.

Discount Stores

If you have a discount bread shop or another type of discount grocery store in your area, check it out! Many Asian markets and different types of discount stores have plenty of items still on their shelves! Since many people don’t know about these stores or don’t shop there, they tend to have a better stock during hard times.


If you find items out of stock on Amazon, turn on email alerts. You will be notified when things are back in stock. In addition to this option, Amazon still has items like trash bags and even soda that can be delivered to your home, so you don’t have to leave the house. Subscribe and Save options also work well for cleaners and other essentials if you can get it in time.

Hardware Stores

Hardware stores carry items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and paper towels. When you can’t find any of these items at your grocery store, check your Home Depot or Lowe’s Hardware to see if these items are still in stock! You may be shocked to find that they are rarely out of these essentials.

Local Shops

Small businesses are struggling during this challenging time, and a great way to support them is by shopping local! Local butchers and farmers can help you get your fresh meat and produce to help you get what you need, and you are helping out a local business! Many of them offer special deals and bulk pricing to help you stock your fridge and freezer for these uncertain times. Local bakeries and other shops might have things like bread or baked goods as well that you can buy when the stores are out of stock. Just make sure to call ahead and see if they’re still open.

These might not always be the best option depending on where you live; however, this list has saved me many times when I couldn’t find the items I was looking for in the grocery store. Hopefully, at least one of these places will help you find the necessary things you need to survive this pandemic with your family.

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