15 Things Every Teenage Girl Should have in her Purse

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As girls approach their teen years they often begin carrying a purse, but sometimes they struggle to know what they should carry in their purse. What items are purse essentials for teen girls?

Today we are going to talk about purse essentials for teenagers. These are the things every teenage girl should have in her purse.

teen purse essentials

Before we get to the list of essential purse items for teen girls, let’s talk about how to organize her purse. Almost as important as WHAT a teen should have in her purse, is the organization of her purse. It’s so easy for teens to get overwhelmed with lots of odds and ends piled in one big clump in their purse.

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After mothering 3 tween and teen girls, my biggest tip for making your teen’s purse work well for her is to invest in a few small cosmetic pouches for your teen’s purse.

These small cosmetic pouches allow your teen to stay organized, they keep an embarrassing personal items away from prying eyes, and they allow her to easily switch from purse to backpack, or between purses without forgetting to move any of her really essential items.

For some girls one cosmetic pouch is enough to hold their must have essentials, which is easy to switch from bag to bag. Other teens, will prefer to have multiple cosmetic bags to keep their essentials organized within her purse.

purse essentials for teens

Things Every Teen Girl Should Have in Her Purse

Small Wallet

  • ID
  • Cash – even if your teen typically uses a card or device for payment, it’s always smart to keep a little cash for emergencies. I suggest 10 or 20 dollars tucked in the back of her wallet.
  • Bank Card(s)
  • Small paper with essential information written on it such as emergency contact information. If your teen looses her phone she’ll still have important numbers on hand.

Feminine Products

This is where a small cosmetic pouch really comes in handy for keeping things discreet. With the unpredictability of teen bodies, it’s smart to always have a few feminine products on hand no matter where she is on her monthly cycle.

what should teen have in purse

Medication and First Aid

Be sure to leave prescription medication in the original bottles. If your child gets headaches or cramps frequently, she might want a small travel bottle of pain killer too. She also might want to consider adding a small pack of bandaids, or even a mini first aid kit.


If your teen is using makeup she’ll probably want a few essentials in her purse. Get a little pouch for her powder and chapstick or lip glass. She might want to add a small travel mirror too.

teen girl purse essentials

Dental Pick

No teen wants to stress about food in her teeth!

These amazing little teeth brush picks are the best way to remove food from teeth after lunch or a snack. They are disposable and individually packaged for cleanliness. Neither myself, nor my teens would ever leave the house without a few of these picks in our bags!

Hand Sanitizer

Keep those germs away all day with hand sanitizer in your purse!


Frequent hand washing can really make hands chapped.


Pack a small travel size brush to keep hair looking great all day long.

Hair tie or barrette

Every girl needs a way to get her hair out of her face when necessary!

My girls won’t leave home without at least one of these hair ties in their bag or on their wrist.

what to put in purse for teen


Tissues come in handy for more than just runny noses!

Mints or Gum

Teens feel more confident with fresh breath. These also come in handy when your teen is feeling extra tired. A little mint flavor can help wake up the senses, especially while at school or driving.

Ear Buds

Most teens won’t go far without a pair of earbuds! These definitely belong in most teens purses!

A Mask

If your teen is using masks, you may want to invest in these individually wrapped disposable face masks for her purse to ensure she has a clean mask available when she needs one.

what teens need in their purse

With a well stocked purse, your teen daughter can head out into the world with the confidence of being prepared.

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