20 Creative Earth Day Crafts for Kids

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Earth Day will be here before you know it, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you will celebrate such an important day.

In our day-to-day school life, we teach our kids about our planet’s importance and how important life is here, but telling our kids to recycle and turn off the lights will only get them so far.

Doing a hands-on craft can not only help them celebrate Earth Day in a fun way but help them understand why it’s such an important day.

These activities are a great way to teach your kids about Earth Day and have some fun in the process. Celebrate Earth Day with these 20 creative earth day crafts your kids will love!

Creative Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Enjoy celebrating Earth day with these creative Earth Day crafts your kids will love.

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  1. Love these earth day crafts! We’ll be making some blue & green slime for earth day too! We just did DIY terrarium necklaces to learn about the water cycle and have a fun spring craft that I think would be fun for Earth Day too!

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