DIY felt Earth Day Ornament Craft

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Make this adorable DIY Earth Day Ornament craft with felt to celebrate Earth Day this year.

earth day felt craft

This adorable Earth Day craft is super easy, thanks to the simple instructions and free template below.

Kids, teens, and adults will all enjoy making this Earth Day ornament. Once finished, hang the ornament on a suction cup in your window, or place it on a keychain or backpack.

While you are celebrating Earth Day, you’ll want to check out these yummy Earth Day snacks too!

earth day ornament craft

How to make Earth Day Ornaments


  • Colorful felt fabrics
  • Pencil – to trace the template
  • A pair of scissors
  • Cotton bathing or scrap felt pieces
  • Needle
  • Matching thread
  • Template


Download and print out the Earth Day Ornament Template. Cut out all of the template pieces.

Select blue and green felt fabrics for the Earth plush, black and white for the eyes, pink for the heart and select green felt for the recycling arrows and any colored felt of your choice for the base of the recycling ornament.

Trace the patterns onto your chosen felt pieces, then cut the pieces out.

Take any one of the Earth base cutouts and the green parts of the Earth.

Prepare needle with green thread.

Place a green cutout around the edge of the base and stitch along the inner side of the piece of land with blanket stitches.

Place and stitch the next green part around the side of the base, keeping the outer edges open for now.

One by one stitch all three green land pieces to the Earth base.

Secure the green thread to the backside of the earth piece.

Place the eye cutouts together and prepare needle with white thread.

Place one of the stacked eye pieces slightly above the middle part of the stitched Earth base.

Use the white thread to stitch a small white dot on to the black part of the eye. Be sure to go through the pupil, eye white, and earth base with the white thread.

After stitching the white dot, stitch around the outsides of the white base of the eye.

Similarly, stitch the other eye.

Use a pencil or pen to draw the mouth below the eyes.

Use black thread to stitch along the mouth line.

Place the other plain base cutout under the stitched one and use the green thread to work flat blanket stitches around the sides, leaving a section open for stuffing.

Stuff the earth with cotton batting or pieces of scrap felt.

Keep stuffing the earth until it’s nice and fluffy.

Close the open edge to secure the stuffing inside the earth.

Tie 2 tight knots and cut off extra thread.

Stitch the heart cutout on to the Earth if you like.

Attach a satin ribbon loop on the backside of the felt Earth plush to use it as an ornament.

To create the recycling ornament, simply stitch the green arrows in a triangle shape onto a circle of felt. Then, stitch the recycle circle to a plain circle. Leave a small opening for stuffing. Stuff the ornament, then add a ribbon.

cute earth day craft

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