How to Make Sponge Bombs

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Want to know how to make sponge bombs? It’s simple, quick, and cheap, and your kids will have endless hours of fun playing with a sponge ball.

A few buckets of water and sponge bombs are sure to get your kids in the backyard having fun for hours. For more fun activities to entertain your kids this summer, check-out these 50+ Backyard Activities for Kids.

Water play is always a hit at our house, and water bomb sponges are the perfect water toy for a fun filled summer afternoon in the backyard.

The first time we made these, the kids had a blast and played with them all afternoon!

How to make sponge bombs

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What are Sponge Bombs?

Sponge bombs are simply water balls made from strips of sponge and a rubber band or hair elastic. These water balls soak up water and are great for throwing around.

They can take the place of a traditional water balloon or ball in any outdoor game or activity.

Unlike water balloons, sponge bombs are reusable- and you don’t have to pick up tiny pieces of popped balloon when your kids are through playing.

How to use Sponge Bombs

After crafting your sponge bombs, simply fill up a bucket with water and dip the sponge bombs in the water to fill them with water.

If you’re working from home this summer and looking for screen-free ways to entertain the kids, sponge bombs are a great way to buy yourself some valuable work time.

Water bomb sponges are also great for entertaining kids at your next summer party or field day.

Everyone can have fun getting wet without hundreds of messy water balloon pieces for you to pick up from the yard later. 

Directions for making sponge bombs

How to play with Sponge Bombs

Simply dip your sponge bombs in water and start playing!

The best way to have fun with your new sponge water bombs is to play a sponge bomb game.

After you’ve made your sponge water bombs, check-out this list of 25 Great Games to Play with Sponge Bombs. These games are great for backyard play, summer parties, or field days. 

This sponge bomb tutorial video will help you learn to make sponge bombs. You’ll find the written directions below.

How to Make Sponge Bombs


supplies needed to make sponge bombs


First, choose three sponges and cut each one lengthwise into three strips. I like to use three different colored sponges to make a fun, multi-colored water sponge ball. 

Stack the sponge strips in three rows of three, mixing up the colors. 

Wrap a hair elastic as tightly as possible around the middle of the group of strips.

Pull the strips apart from each other and arrange them into the sponge ball.

sponge bombs

That’s it! It’s quick and easy, and your kids will love playing with the sponge bombs. Repeat the process to make enough sponge bombs for your kids. 

How to make water bombs.

Now, head outside, fill up some buckets of water, choose a sponge bomb game, and have some water fun with your new sponge water bombs! 

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