Baby Unicorn Bookmark Craft

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My kids are readers and they love unicorns, so these Baby Unicorn bookmarks have been a huge hit at our house! 

Paper crafts are one of my favorite crafts, especially when, like this one, we can use what we already have rather then buying special craft supplies. Grab a stack of scrap paper, scissors and glue and you have just about everything you need for these adorable Baby Unicorn Bookmark crafts.

How to Make A Unicorn Bookmark:


  • Colored craft papers – 4-5 different colors of your choice
  • Cardstock paper – for the bookmark base
  • Pencil – for tracing the template
  • Black marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Template (printed and cut out)


Select cardstock paper for the bookmark base and colored craft papers for the unicorn. Use pencil for tracing the unicorn patterns from the given template, on the selected craft papers. Trace the bookmark base template on cardstock paper. Use scissors for cutting out the traced patterns.

Take any 2 flower cut outs and glue them together in a criss-cross pattern. Similarly prepare the other flowers.

Take the bookmark base, unicorn body, ears and horn cut out. Stick the ears and the horn cut out along the curved end of the base. Keep the pointy sides of the items (ears and horns) facing outside and overlap about a cm of them with the base.

Keeping legs intact, apply glue on the rest of the baby unicorn body cut out, on the back side.

Placing the glued side of the unicorn body on the bookmark base, attach it with base by matching the curvy ends.

Glue the flowers along the top side of the unicorn head, below the ears and horn.

Now attach the blush and mouth cut outs on the body part.

Trace the face details of the unicorn with a pencil. I did a free hand drawing of the eyes, nose and lip.

Use a black marker pen or black gel pen to draw the traced face details.

Grab more craft papers and go for another baby unicorn bookmark craft!

So cute aren’t they?

If your kids loved making this fun Baby Unicorn Bookmark, they will love this Unicorn Hug Bookmark and this Corner Unicorn Bookmark too!

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