Christmas Elf Bookmark Craft

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Reading a Christmas book is even better with these adorable Christmas Elf Bookmarks!

Use the free printable template to make these adorable Christmas Elf Hug Bookmarks a fun and easy craft!

Of course, when you have an adorable Christmas elf bookmark, you’ve got to read a great Christmas book:

How to Make an Elf Christmas Bookmark


  • Colored craft papers
  • Markers
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Download and print the Elf Bookmark Template. Cut out all of the template pattern pieces.

Choose the colored papers you’d like to use for your elf bookmark, then trace the pattern pieces on the craft papers you chose. Cut out all of the traced pieces.

Glue the shoes on each of the stocking pieces.

Glue a hand on the end of each sleeve piece.

Use a marker to draw stripes on your elf’s stockings if you’d like.

Glue the zigzag border piece along the bottom of the hat.

Glue the round circle on the tip of the hat piece. 

Use a marker to draw hair on your elf’s head. 

Glue the hat on the top of the elf’s head.

Glue the legs on the bottom of the elf’s body. 

Glue the elf’s head on the top of the body. 

Glue the arms onto the elf’s body, applying glue only near the shoulders. You’ll want most of the arm and the hands unattached to “hug” the book page.

After glueing an arm on each shoulder, you can trim the extra paper off the edge of the arm, as shown below.

Use a marker (or get pen) to draw the details on the elf’s face.

To use the Elf as a bookmark, simply slide a page under the arms to mark your place.

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