DIY Pirate Ship Craft for Kids

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Ahoy me hearties! Come sailing with this fun 3D pirate ship craft for kids.

Pirate crafts are perfect for under the sea fun!

3d pirate ship craft

Kids will love creating this simple 3D pirate ship craft this summer!

Once your kids make their pirate ship, they’ll love spending the day pretending to sail their pirate ships across the seven seas!

Pirate Ship Craft for Kids

If your kids love pirates and pretend, be sure to make this fun printable pirate finger puppets to use along with this pirate ship.

pirate craft for kids

How to make a 3D pirate ship craft


  • Colored paper
  • Cardstock paper or thin cardboard (for example, from a cereal or cracker box or from dividers used between breakable items in shipping boxes.)
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Print and cut out the pirate ship template.

Choose a piece of cardstock or thin cardboard for the ship and mast base. Then choose colored papers for the rest of the patterns.

Trace the patterns on the chosen papers and cut all the pieces out.

how to make a pirate ship

Fold and make creases along the yellow lines of the side and back ship pieces. Use scissors to cut slits along the thin folded parts of the side patterns; keeping a small gap between the slits. See below for an example.

Apply glue to the pieces you folded up.

Attach the bottom and one side of the ship by glueing the folded and clipped tab under the base of the ship.. 

Attach the other side of the ship in the same way.

Use glue to join the two sides of the ship in the front.

Then attach the back of the ship by gluing the bottom tabs onto the ship’s base and the side tabs onto the sides of the ship.

Prepare the mast’s base by folding along the yellow lines, then punch a hole in the middle.

Apply glue along the 2 side folds, bending the base into an arch shape. Then attach the two sides with glue to the center bottom of the ship, as shown below.

Attach the windows with glue to the outside of the ship.

Glue the (optional) border on the bottom of the ship.

Glue the anchor onto the front of the ship.

Roll the mast strip into a thin straw shape. Use glue to secure the mast.

Glue the skull and crossbones onto the small flag.

Punch holes in the sails where the yellow circles are marked.

Insert the mast into the holes on the sails. Secure them with a little glue if necessary.

Attach the flag to the top of the mast.

Insert the mast pole into the mast base to finish your pirate ship craft.

After creating your pirate ship be sure to create more fun pirate crafts with your kids!

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