Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Deviled Eggs

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When it comes to Dr. Seuss favorites, Green Eggs and Ham has been the favorite of all of my children. They just can’t help but to laugh as Sam refuses his eggs and ham over and over again.

I absolutely love these adorable Green Eggs and Ham Deviled Eggs for Dr. Seuss Day parties. They make green eggs and ham easy to serve in both individual portion size and in finger food form!

I also love that the recipe is simple so that you can easily get your kids in on helping to create snacks for your Seuss celebration!

These fun Green Eggs and Ham Deviled Eggs will be the perfect addition to any Dr. Seuss Day celebration!


  • 6 Hardboiled Eggs
  • Avocado (Small-Medium size)
  • 2 Tbsp Mayo
  • 1 Tbsp Lime Juice
  • Salt to taste
  • Sliced Deli Meat Ham
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Toothpicks


1. Peel and cut in half the hardboiled eggs. Scoop out the yolks and place in a medium size bowl.

2. Add the mayo, lime juice, salt, avocado and 1-2 drops of food coloring. Mix and mash well.

3. Scoop or pipe into the eggs.

4. Take the ham and cut in half. Roll up and stick a toothpick in it.

5. Place the ham on the end of the egg and push the toothpick down into the egg.

6. Ready to serve for a fun Dr. Seuss party!!

Aren’t these Green Eggs and Ham Deviled Eggs just the cutest way to serve green eggs and ham at a Dr. Seuss party?

What’s your family’s favorite Dr. Seuss book?

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