Elf Gnome Christmas Ornament

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This adorable DIY Christmas Elf Gnome Ornament made with felt is a great felt Christmas craft for gifting or hanging on your own Christmas tree!

elf gnome christmas ornment

Learn how to make this easy and adorable felt Elf Gnome Christmas Ornament by following the directions below and downloading the free printable pattern.

diy elf gnome christmas ornament

If you love this adorable elf gnome ornament, you will also love this Christmas Gnome Ornament  snowflakes on it’s hat. You can easily switch out the Christmas colors to blue and white for a wintery gnome craft.

Or craft this cute DIY felt santa gnome for even more Christmas gnome craft fun (plus you can easily add a hanging loop to make this cute Santa gnome an ornament as well!

elf gnome

How to make an Elf Gnome for Christmas

List of Supplies:

  • Felt fabrics
  • Needle and thread
  • Thin ribbon
  • Pencil – to trace the template
  • A pair of scissors
  • Cotton batting or scrap felt
  • Template


Print the elf gnome template and cut out all of the pattern pieces.

Select different colored felt fabrics for the Elf gnome ornament craft. We’re using green felt for the base, clothes and hat; pink for the nose and ears, red for the hat border, hat pom-pom and the socks; brown for the shoes and grey for the beard. You can use the same colors, or choose your own.

Trace and cut out the patterns from the selected felt fabrics. 

Take the clothes cutout, beard cutout and nose cutout. Place the beard cutout on the top of the clothes cutout. Next, place the nose cutout near the center of the top edge. Stitch through the top of the nose to connect it to the beard and the clothes.

Take the hat, hat border and pom-pom cutouts. Place the pom-pom on the pointy end of the hat cutout and place the border cutout along the bottom edge of the hat cutout. Stitch all 3 of cutouts together. 

Place the shoe cutouts on the elf legs. Stitch the shoes onto the legs.

Place the base cutout on a flat surface and then place the ear cutouts on either side of the head part. 

Place the legs on the gnome base.

Place the lower body piece (clothes, beard, + nose) on the base, keeping the legs and ears between the base and the lower body.

Stitch around the sides and bottom of the lower body pieces to connect the pieces. Be sure to leave the top edge open to stuff later.

Place the hat cutout on the top part of the elf’s base, slightly overlapping the hat edge over the beard and nose.

sew an elf gnome

Use cotton batting or scrap felt to stuff the bottom part of the elf gnome.

Stitch the bottom edge of the hat across the gnome’s nose and beard.

make an elf Christmas gnome

Stitch the curve of the hat to the back of the gnome. Then, stuff the hat before completing the stitching around the gnome’s hat to close it.

felt elf gnome

Cut out a small piece of satin ribbon and make a loop with it. Attach the ribbon loop to the back of elf with a few stitches.

elf gnome christmas ornament

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