G3 Funding at Virginia’s Community Colleges

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This post was sponsored by Virginia’s G3 Funding as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

In a modern world with high job competition, I feel that the opportunity to earn a college degree is the best way I can help my children have a leg up when they enter the workforce.

My oldest daughter has one semester left before graduating with an Associate degree from one of Virginia’s Community Colleges.

With five more children behind her, I should have one child starting college every other year for the next decade. I’m sure you can imagine how the thought of college tuition is enough to keep me up at night.

As each child starts thinking about college, that child and I begin researching all the possibilities for financial aid that will fit their desired college situation.

Thankfully, my oldest daughter was able to cover about half of the costs of her community college experience through various aid, scholarship, and work study opportunities.

Since beginning her education journey at our local Virginia Community College, my oldest has been talking about Virginia’s G3 Tuition Assistance as a possible option for some of her younger siblings. 

G3 Tuition Assistance is perfect for eligible students desiring a career in one of Virginia’s most in-demand industries. This program is available at ALL of Virginia’s Community Colleges! These industries include healthcare, IT, early childhood educations, skilled trades, and public safety.

If your student is a Virginia resident, eligible for state aid, and thinking about a career in one of these in-demand industries you should encourage them to look into G3 funding as soon as possible! G3 Tuition Assistance has made higher education in Virginia more affordable than ever. 

Next semester’s classes are starting in January- my daughter is so excited that she’s already purchased her books for her classes! 

Starting a college program as soon as possible is always a good thing- but you should also know that the admissions and programs at Virginia’s Community Colleges are very flexible. All 23 colleges have a rolling admission feature and offer a large variety of flexible program options to fit your personal needs and help you begin your career in one of these in-demand industries.

Learn more about the G3 Tuition Assistance program and get started on the path to a great career!

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