Horton Hears a Who Bookmark – Seuss Craft

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If you love Dr. Seuss, this Horton Hears a Who bookmark is the perfect Seuss craft to make today!

horton hears a who craft

Make this Horton bookmark craft using the free template and easy instructions below.

horton bookmark craft

How to make a Horton Hears a Who Bookmark

List of Supplies:

  • Colored craft papers
  • Pencil – to trace the template
  • Craft glue
  • Sharpie or gel pen
  • A pair of scissors
  • Template


Download and print out the Horton Bookmark template. Cut out all of the template pieces.

Select white, blue, pink, green and grey colored craft papers for the Horton bookmark craft.

Trace the template patterns on the selected craft papers.

Trace the head, ears and trunk on the blue paper, hair on grey paper, the flower on pink, and the stem on green paper.

Cut out the traced patterns.

Use a marker to add details to the eyes.

Attach the ear cutouts on both sides of the head cutout.

Attach the trunk cutout near the bottom of the head cutout.

Attach the hair cutout on the top of the head cutout.

Attach the eyes near the top part of the head, just above the trunk.

Attach the flower cutout to the stem cutout.

Attach the flower near the end of the elephant’s trunk.

Use a marker to add some outlines and textures to the Horton craft.

Use a piece of square paper (15 cm x 15 cm or 16 cm x 16 cm) to craft an origami corner bookmark. If you don’t know how to fold an origami bookmark, find the step by step instructions here.

Attach the Horton head on the square side of the origami bookmark.

Allow the glue to dry, then use your Horton Bookmark in your favorite Dr. Seuss book!

cute horton craft for seuss week

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