DIY Paper Quilled Nativity Craft

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This adorable, little nativity scene craft is a great Christ Centered Christmas craft for kids and teens!

Learn how to make this fun and easy Quilled Nativity in Matchbox below!


  1. Colored craft papers – choose 3 or 4 different colors
  2. Quilling strips
  3. Slotted quilling tool
  4. Scissors
  5. Craft glue or glue stick
  6. Matchbox or other small box

Step 1:

Measure the inside size of your small box. Cut out a colored paper that will fit inside the box for your nativity scene background.

Apply glue on one side of the craft paper and place it inside the box, covering the inside of the box.

Choose the colored strips you’d like to use for each object in the craft. Cut the strips to the length listed below.

Use a quilling tool to make the size and shape described below for each quilling strip.

-two 8 inch cream colored strips shaped into 2 tight coils for Mary and Joseph’s faces

-one 6 inch cream colored strip shaped into 1 tight coil for baby Jesus’s face

-five 6 inch strips shaped into 5 loose coils for the roof of the barn

-one 12 inch long strip shaped into 1 tight coil for baby Jesus’ swaddling clothes

-two 12 inches long strips of two different colors shaped into 2 loose coils for Mary and Joseph’s clothes

-one 12 inch strip shaped into a moon shape for Jesus’ manger

-one 12 inch strip shaped into curved square for the star

-two 2 inch strips folded in half folded in half for Mary and Joseph’s head scarves

-one 6 inch strip coiled only at one end, leaving a straight edge for the staff

Make Mary and Joseph by taking the two loose coils of their clothes and pressing them to create oval shapes. Take the 2 loose coils and press them to create oval shapes. Glue the larger, cream tight coils on the top of the oval clothing coils to make Mary and Jospeh.

Make baby Jesus by taking the big tight coil in the color you chose for the swaddling cloth. Press it into an oval shape. Now, glue the smaller tight cream coil on the top of the swaddling clothes to complete baby Jesus.

Glue the quilled Mary and Joseph figures on the inside of the box, keeping enough of a gap between them for Baby Jesus.

Glue the moon shaped quilled shape between Mary and Joseph, then glue Baby Jesus on the top of the moon shaped manger.

Glue the folded strips together at the open ends to keep them from separating. Then glue them above Mary and Joseph’s head to create their head scarves. Glue the partially coiled strip beside Joseph for his staff.

Now take the outer box of the matchbox and cover it with a colored craft paper.

Glue the 5 loose coils on the outside of the box, creating a triangular roof pattern.

Cut out a small star shape from colored craft paper and glue it on the top of the roof.

Allow the glue to dry and your paper quilled nativity scene is complete!

Looking for another quilled nativity craft? This quilled nativity scene is another really cute Christmas craft for kids and teens.

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