Rainbow Unicorn Bookmark Craft

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Are you planning a rainbow or unicorn themed birthday party? Do you have a girl that loves unicorns and reading? These super cute rainbow unicorn bookmarks are the cutest unicorn craft for girls of all ages!

This unicorn bookmark craft is not only super easy to make, but also has a FREE template you can download below.

Kid of all ages enjoy making DIY bookmarks! A craft that also encourages reading is always a plus.

Since you can never have too many unicorns or too many bookmarks, be sure to check out these five other unicorn bookmark crafts with free templates.

Rainbow Unicorn Bookmarks for Kids to Make

Rainbows and unicorns are always a great combination! This rainbow unicorn craft can be enjoyed by little girls, tweens, and even teens.

Kids can have lots of fun changing up the rainbow colors to fit their own style and personality! They don’t even have to stick with a rainbow.

This unicorn bookmark would make a great party or sleepover craft for kids to take home. Find even more free unicorn bookmark craft options here.

How to Make a Rainbow Unicorn Bookmark

List of Supplies:

  • Colored craft papers
  • Pencil
  • A pair of scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Markers
  • Template


Download and print out the unicorn bookmark template. Cut out the unicorn pattern pieces.

Choose the colored paper you’d like to use for your unicorn.

Select 6 or 7 colors for the rainbow part and a few more different colored craft papers for the unicorn and its hair.

Trace the template patterns on the selected craft papers and cut them out using sharp scissors.

Glue the inner ear cutouts on the outer ear cutouts.

Use markers to add details on the mane cutout.

Glue the unicorns muzzle (the pointy oval shape) on the bottom part of the head cutout.

Glue the horn cutout on the at the top of the head cutout.

Glue the ears on either side of the horn.

Next glue the mane to the unicorn’s head.

If you’d like a two color mane simply cut a second mane from the template in a different color. Then cut the second mane apart to add details to the mane. Glue the mane pieces gather, overlapping each other.

Glue the mane to the unicorn’s head as shown below.

Use marker to draw the eye details on the eye cutouts.

Glue the eyes to the unicorn’s head.

Use the marker to draw the nose and mouth onto the muzzle.

Cut out a small piece of paper to attach the rainbow strip cutouts.

Start attaching the strips on the small piece of paper.

Attach all the strips in a rainbow onto the small paper cutout one by one.

Glue the unicorn head on top of the rainbow strips.

Now enjoy your rainbow unicorn bookmark!

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