How to Make a Valentine Dessert Charcuterie Board for Kids

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This Valentine’s Day Dessert Board is a fun twist on a traditional charcuterie board.

Traditionally, charcuterie boards contain savory finger foods such as cured meats, cheeses, olives, and crackers.

However, it can be both fun and easy to create all kinds of charcuterie boards depending on what you happen to have on hand at home, and on what type of occasion you are celebrating.

Dessert boards are such a fun and easy way to serve finger food sized dessert treats while also creating a beautiful visual that also serves as decoration at your gathering.

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Charcuterie boards and/or dessert boards are a great way to make any party a bit more fun and festive!

How to make a Festive Valentine Dessert Board

First, you’ll need to choose what you’d like to build your dessert board on. There are so many great options for building a dessert board.

You probably already have something at home that will work perfectly, even if you’ve never built a charcuterie or dessert board before.

If you don’t have a ‘charcuterie board’ on hand already, I find that a large, clean cutting board works very well. You can even cut a piece of cardboard and cover it with wrapping paper or aluminum foil.

You might also like to have a few small bowls on hand to set on the board, filled with the tiny snacks.

Next, you’ll want to choose the desserts and treats you’d like to include on your Valentine’s Day Dessert Board.

I’m going to share exactly what we put on our Valentine Dessert Board, but feel free to mix and match the desserts and treats that you include on your dessert board.

The biggest key is to choose desserts and treats in several different sizes and shapes.

You are going to anchor the board with the big desserts and then fill in all the open spaces with the smaller treats.

Suggested Desserts and Treats

Optional Additions or substitutions to use as fillers:
Mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, or any kind of chocolate covered nuts and or candies, fresh or dried fruit or any snack your kids love!

How to organize the Valentine Dessert Board

Lay out your desserts and treats from largest to smallest to help yourself visualize how much room each item will require.

First place the largest items on the dessert board.

Since we chose a circular board for this Valentine’s Day treat, we started with a presentation bowl filled with Valentine M&Ms in the center. Then place the larger items, such as the cookies around the bowl.

If you choose a square or rectangular board you might want to put a different types of large dessert in each quadrant of the board.

Next fill in any large open spaces with the medium sized items, such as the belgium chocolates, Oreos and brownie bites.

Finally fill in any open spaces with the small candies. If you still have good sized open spots, you can fill a presentation bowl with small candies to help take up the space.

The key to creating a robust and appealing board is to cover as much of the board as possible. 

So if you’re going for a picture perfect board remember more is better and color always elevates the board!

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