Adorable Bat Corner Bookmarks for Halloween

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This adorable Halloween Craft is the perfect way to get crafty with your kids. Plus, you just might get them excited about reading during the Halloween season too!

These DIY corner bookmarks are also a quick and easy Halloween party or classroom craft!

Below I’m sharing directions and a printable template that will make these Bat Corner Bookmarks a breeze to create.

DIY Halloween Bookmark



Select colored papers for the bat bookmarks. I’m using black colored craft paper for the wings and ears, and purple for the body, but you can choose any colors you have on hand. Trace the template patterns on the colored papers and cut them out. 

Apply a small amount of glue on the middle of the wings and place the oval shape on the middle of the wings. Press the oval shape firmly against the glue on the wings to make sure that they are well attached. 

Next attach the ears and the eyes of the bat. 

Use a black sharpie to draw a thin curve line for the mouth and then attach the 2 triangular fangs on the line of the mouth. Make sure to attach the fangs with their pointy ends facing downwards.

While the glue dries, grab an 8 x 8 inch square paper and make an origami corner bookmark. Making a corner bookmark is pretty simple, if you don’t already know how, find the easy instructions in this post.

Finally attach the paper bat onto the triangle side of the origami bookmark you just made. Allow the glue to dry entirely before using the bookmark. 

 Adorable isn’t he?!

Have a batty Halloween!

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